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02/16/06 2:34 PM ET

Test your Negro Leagues knowledge

So, you think you know a bit about Negro Leagues baseball, do you? Well, let's see. Take this short quiz and see how you do. Good luck!

1. The first all-black professional team took the field in 1885. What was that team's name?

a. Cuban Giants
b. Browns of Cincinnati
c. Capital Citys of Washington
d. Keystones of Pittsburgh
e. Gorhams of New York

2. Who is credited with organizing the first black professional league?

a. Effa Manley
b. Rube Foster
c. J.L. Wilkinson
d. Abe Saperstein
e. Cum Posey

3. What writer has been credited with chronicling the early years of black baseball?

a. Sol White
b. W.E.B. DuBois
c. Sam Lacey
d. Wendell Smith
e. W. Rollo Wilson

4. In barnstorming games against Major League teams, one Negro Leagues pitcher is credited with beating seven future Hall-of-Famers in head-to-head duels. Who is this pitcher?

a. Satchel Paige
b. Bullet Rogan
c. Smokey Joe Williams
d. Willie Foster
e. Leon Day

5. In 1924, the Negro Leagues held their first World Series. What two teams played in that game?

a. Homestead Grays and Indianapolis Clowns
b. Cleveland Buckeyes and St. Louis Stars
c. Newark Eagles and Pittsburgh Crawfords
d. Chicago American Giants and New York Elite Giants
e. Philadelphia Hilldales and Kansas City Monarchs

6. Who was the first Negro Leagues player inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

a. Cool Papa Bell
b. Oscar Charleston
c. Josh Gibson
d. Satchel Paige
e. Judy Johnson

7. Who is widely considered the greatest position player in the history of black baseball?

a. Judy Johnson (shortstop)
b. John Henry Lloyd (second baseman)
c. Leon Day (right field)
d. Josh Gibson (catcher)
e. Buck Leonard (first baseman)

8. What was the nickname Hank Aaron picked up during his rookie season with the Indianapolis Clowns?

a. Bobo
b. Pork Chops
c. The Hammer
d. Cakes
e. Bones

9. Jackie Robinson was the first black player to reach the Majors in the 20th Century, but who was the second player?

a. Sam Jethroe
b. Buck O'Neil
c. Monte Irvin
d. Don Newcombe
e. Larry Doby

10. What was the last Major League team to add a black player to its 25-man roster?

a. Tigers
b. Cubs
c. Red Sox
d. Phillies
e. Senators

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