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05/08/06 11:01 PM ET

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MLB.com's draft section has everything a seamhead could want

It's a sure sign that summer is on its way when the First-Year Player Draft arrives. And just like you can count on the ice cream truck jingles to start playing regularly in your neighborhood, so too can you trust that MLB.com's coverage of the draft will guide you through everything you need to know about the event and more.

We've got something for everyone in our new and improved 2006 draft section. Stretching the ice cream theme perhaps too far, we've got everything from toasted almonds to bomb pops to satisfy the tastes of draft fans everywhere.

Everyone has June 6 circled on his or her calendar, right? If you don't, do it now. In red pen. That's the start of the 2006 First-Year Player Draft and you won't want to miss a moment of MLB.com's coverage of the event.

There's nowhere else draft fans can go for live video coverage than MLB.com. Synchronize your watches for 1 p.m. ET on that Tuesday for our exclusive live video show spanning the first three rounds of the draft. Casey Stern will host along with analysts Jonathan Mayo and Perfect Game's Allan Simpson.

No one else on the planet provides the kind of draft coverage found on MLB.com and it's become the place for people to go to find out about their favorite baseball team's future. Each year, interest in the draft -- and MLB.com's all-inclusive coverage -- grows exponentially.

What's all the buzz about? Check out the draft section. Check back often as MLB.com provides the finest package of prospect profiles, analysis of pre-draft trends and first-round projections. Our first peek at what the top of the opening round comes to you on Tuesday.

Want to get to know some of these prospects better? This is the right place to come. MLB.com is planning even more in-depth profiles of some of the amateur ranks best players. And it's not just the written word. There will be more multimedia previewing the draft than ever before, including the first draft preview video show coming in the week prior to the draft. MLB Radio will again be providing a mock draft of the first round with the help of our 30 beat writers.

Things will be broken down by position again this year, with an overview of the top names and a spotlight on one of the more interesting players at that position. So to be prepared for draft day, be sure to make a note of the following schedule:

Monday, May 15: Catchers -- Spotlight on Pepperdine's Chad Tracy.
Tuesday, May 17: Middle infielders -- Spotlight on the University of Kentucky's John Shelby and Marcus Lemon out of Eustis High School in Florida.
Wednesday, May 18: Corner infielders -- spotlight on high school third baseman Chris Marrero.
Thursday, May 19: Outfielders -- Spotlight on Texas center fielder Drew Stubbs.
Friday, May 20: Pitchers -- Spotlight on Cal ace Brandon Morrow.

That's just a small sampling of what's in the works. There will be features on all of the best prospects being mentioned at the top of the draft as well as historical features on draft notables like Danny Goodwin (the only player ever taken first overall twice) and Travis Phelps, the lowest drafted player to make the big leagues. If that's not enough history for you, you can scan through every pick of every year at your leisure.

Come draft day, there'll be the choice of live video and audio (courtesy of MLB Radio) coverage of the draft, complete with round-by-round analysis. Radio duties will be handled on day one by Vinny Micucci and Perfect Game's David Rawnsley. Mayo and Rawnsley will take over for day two.

If that's not enough, MLB.com will pool it's vast resources around Major League Baseball to provide the most in-depth, team-by-team draft coverage imaginable. From preview to draft day to aftermath, getting the draft lowdown on any one of the 30 teams couldn't be easier.

The countdown has begun. It's time to think about your team's future. Happy scouting, everyone, and enjoy the ice cream!

Jonathan Mayo is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.