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07/16/06 11:45 PM ET

Historic inning lifts Mets

Floyd and Beltran belt grand slams in club-record 11-run sixth

CHICAGO -- Cliff Floyd was looking for a fresh start in the second half. What better place to be reborn than his hometown?

Floyd hit a grand slam that helped spark a club-record 11-run sixth inning and erase a three-run deficit as the Mets beat the Cubs, 13-7, at Wrigley Field on Sunday.

It was Floyd's second home run of the day and his ninth of the season.

"It felt like the whole planet fell off my shoulders," Floyd said. "It was basically just a good feeling knowing I was in front of my home people."

Floyd pointed to high school friends that were in the crowd of 40,157 after he hit his grand slam.

The home run seemed to be confirmation of a proclamation Floyd had made to his team earlier in the week.

Floyd, who hit .249 with 26 RBIs before the All-Star break, told his team before its game on Friday that he looked forward to contributing to wins in the second half. Floyd added on Friday that he "wasn't blowing smoke."

On Sunday, the only thing blowing was the wind, and Floyd took advantage of the gusts that were carrying balls out of the park.

"There's kind of nothing you can do," Floyd said. "With the wind blowing out, [they] make pitches and we put good swings on the ball. It happens. You never know when it's going to happen."

Once good things started happening for the Mets, they didn't seem to stop.

Carlos Beltran hit a grand slam of his own, his 26th home run of the year, and David Wright added a two-run home run, his 21st, in the sixth. It was the first time two grand slams have been hit in the same inning since April 23, 1999.

Beltran said he didn't even realize he'd hit a grand slam.

Two grand slams in one inning
When Cliff Floyd and Carlos Beltran belted grand slams in an 11-run sixth inning on Sunday, the Mets became the seventh team to hit two slams in one frame.
8/16/1890CHI (NL)PIT5thBurns, Kittredge
7/18/1962MINCLE1stAllison, Killebrew
7/30/1969HOUNY (NL)9thMenke, Wynn
4/12/1980MILBOS2ndCooper, Money
8/6/1986BALTEX4thSheets, Dwyer
4/23/1999STLLA (NL)3rdTatis 2
7/16/2006NY (NL)CHI (NL)6thFloyd, Beltran

"I didn't see the guy on third, so I was happy when I got home and saw three guys there," Beltran said.

When the inning finally ended, Cubs pitchers had thrown 70 pitches to 16 batters in the sixth.

"You walk up to the plate and you have to start asking questions to the umpire and the catcher," Floyd said. "I know [Cubs catcher] Mike Barrett [and I asked him], 'You ever seen anything like this?' He was like, 'No, I haven't.'"

But the Mets rally began before the sixth, with Chris Woodward hitting a solo home run, his third, to put the Mets on the board in the top of the fourth. Floyd followed with a solo home run in the fifth to make it 5-2.

"We kept talking about it in the dugout -- preaching that we make sure we take little bites -- and those little bites turned into big bites," Mets manager Willie Randolph said.

The home runs helped overcome a rough outing by Orlando Hernandez, who gave up five runs on seven hits and two walks in 1 2/3 innings. It was the second time in his last four starts Hernandez has not made it out of the second inning.

"His location's been off lately -- that's not the way he pitches," Randolph said. "We'll keep a positive attitude towards him and he'll get the ball again. Every once in a while you're going to have those games and we picked him up big time today."

The Mets' bullpen shut out the Cubs from the third through the sixth innings, and Pedro Feliciano (3-2) pitched one inning to earn the win.

But Floyd was the story of the day that raised the question: Is he out of his slump?

"Cliff has been scuffling all year and we've all been waiting for him to bust out, and I just hope this is a good sign," Randolph said. "I don't want to get ahead of myself. He had one good game tonight. ... I like consistency and we'll just have to wait and see over the next couple days if he can do that, and then I will proclaim him being out of whatever he's in."

During the weekend series against the Cubs, Floyd was 4-for-10 with six RBIs.

"Every once in a while you get in a rut and before you know it you're in the biggest hole of your life it seems like," Floyd said. "I told myself, 'You've got two options: You can flop in the second half or you can do something about it.' And I'm trying to do something about it."

Sunday's game was certainly a nice start.

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