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10/03/06 7:07 PM ET

Robinson Cano pregame interview

The second baseman talks about hitting ninth in a dangerous lineup

When Jim Leyland was asked about the Yankee lineup, he said, "All I need to tell you is that they have a guy hitting ninth who is trying to win the batting title." How do you feel about that?

ROBINSON CANO: For me, that's what I've got to be, because we've got Sheffield, Matsui, Giambi, and this is only my second year, I hit pretty good this year, .342, but for me, that's what I have to be.

You've known Chien Ming Wang longer than most of your teammates; has he always had this in him, to be a Game 1 starter in the playoffs?

ROBINSON CANO: He's a guy that's got experience in the big leagues, it's his second year. I know he's been doing a pretty good job in the big leagues.

But I'm so proud of him that he's going to start the first game.

How much momentum did the five game series in Boston in August give you guys, and is that momentum still going?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, you know, every time, not only Boston, every time we go out there, we go out to win. We played some good games there, and you know, we played some good baseball there.

But, you know, we're still playing and hopefully we can do the same job in the playoffs.

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When you came up with the Yankees the first time, what was your wildest hope for a career with the Yankees, what did you dare to dream about coming up with them?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, you know, first thing that I hear about when I get here was the pressure, you know, the fans, the media. You know, I just go out there, I play the game, the same game that I play in the Minor Leagues, play my game, forget about the pressure. You know, the guys have been helping me now and I hope that I will have more and enjoy the rest of my career.

You have so many distinguished teammates who are great hitters, your manager and batting coach were MVPs; Is there anybody in the clubhouse that you've learned the most from about hitting?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, it's not only one. I watch everybody in there. I like to watch people, especially people we've got in there with a lot of experience. You know, take a little bit from everybody, not only one. Courtesy of FastScripts by ASAP Sports.

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