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10/06/06 7:53 PM ET

Bruce Bochy workout day interview

Padres manager discusses keys to must-win Game 3

Bruce, are you satisfied with Chris' back at this point, and is he going to be on a short leash?

Bruce Bochy: No he's fine. Chris is good to go. There's no problems with him, and he's all set to go tomorrow.

Bruce, over here as well, how does it help, or does it factor in at all, that you guys were here so recently and had success in this ballpark 10 days ago. Does that mean anything at all to you or is that just a regular season?

Bruce Bochy: Well I think anything during the regular season, I don't know what that means. Once you get to post season, it's a different game and we were just here. It probably helps us a little bit. We're a little familiar with the ballpark, but we know what kind of situation we're in. And we know what needs to be done. But you know, the fact that we have been here in the last couple of weeks, you know, I don't know if that helps or not, to be honest, I don't, but I do know that these guys, they understand what we're looking at and you know we're going to go hard for 9 innings and see what happens.

Bruce, what do you look for from Jeff Suppan tomorrow?

Bruce Bochy: Well, we just faced Jeff. We know he's a good pitcher. We know he has a lot of pitches, and you know hopefully we get these bats going. That's what it's going to take for us to win a game. Get some runs on the board and scoring one run in two games doesn't quite cut it. We know that. So hopefully we can start clicking offensively and start doing some things we were doing before the playoffs, and we're facing a guy that's been throwing the ball well and we just have to start getting guys on base and hopefully get the big hit, but we haven't had a big hit since the series started and that needs to change for us to win a game.

Do you feel snake bit at all against La Russa?

Bruce Bochy: You start to feel like that, believe me. This is our third time going against him and we know -- I know a lot of these guys don't know but I know we haven't beat him in a post season game yet. So hopefully that changes, and you know we're still confident that we can change that, and you know, it's going to take good pitching, going to take time in hitting, good defense, they've been doing that. That's why they won the first two games. They pitch the ball well, made great plays, got hits when they needed them, and that's why they've won two games.

Down 0-2, is that more pressure, less pressure, just the same?

Bruce Bochy: I don't think it adds or subtracts any pressure. At this point, we got to win a ball game, and you know have a steep climb, we know it, but at this point, that's the only thing we're thinking about is going out there, trying to get a win, and you know we can't look at what's ahead of us. The only thing we can look at is tomorrow's game, go out there and give it our best. That's what we're going to do. And we'll see what happens, but you know, one thing I do know, this club is going to keep fighting, and that's what you have to do and we're not conceding anything. We're going to be out there battling as hard as we can tomorrow.

Bruce, what is the status of Khalil Greene for tomorrow's game?

Bruce Bochy: Khalil, he's improving. I think he's swinging the bat well. We're going to talk about it again today, as far as his status. Whether he plays or not, I don't have the lineup out yet, but he's certainly at the point where he probably could play, so that will be a question that we'll answer tomorrow.

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With what Supp has done for them, in some big games over the past two or three years, what do you see, and maybe some of his games that he did not do, in some games in June, or May, vs. what he does now in September?

Bruce Bochy: Well, I don't watch a lot of his games, unless we're playing them, but every pitcher is going to have some ups and downs. Our pitchers do, so I can't answer that, because I've got enough on my plate here with our club, and the teams we're playing, so I wish I could give you a better answer than that. I don't know what he's doing different, but I do know he's a good pitcher. He's a tough guy to go against. He's done a great job for them, down the stretch here, and since the all-star break. We know he's been throwing the ball well, and when you have a guy out there with experience, that can throw a lot of pitches, you battle, you compete, and that's what we need to do.

Bruce, the last series of the season, Jim Edmonds was not in the Cardinals lineup. How much of an addition is that now to have him back in the playoffs with the Cardinals?

Bruce Bochy: Any time you get one of your core players back, it does a lot for your club, your confidence. I mean he's one of their guys. He's the core player for them, and he's gotten a couple big hits for them, too. That's a big run he knocked in yesterday with two outs. He's one of the best centerfielders in the game, so it's a different club with him in the lineup. It's not a knock against whoever they were putting out there, but Jim Edmonds is one of the better players in the game, and they're full strength, so to speak, at this point. I know they're missing their closer, but as far as their position players, they were missing those two guys, and those are two important players for them, and you know they're a different club now with those guys in there.

Bruce, with the way the offense has been going for you, were you at the point where you are right now, lineup on napkins, maybe trying to look at some different ways to put it in order, or you just stay the course with the group you write?

Bruce Bochy: No, you're right. It's part of my job to figure out a way we can get some runs, and you know we have just finished meeting. We will meet again here, talk about some things, options, options that we have, as far as the lineup, and which way we're going to go. But we're not -- you're not going to see any drastic changes. I mean we lost two games, but those are two games, and we played very well down the stretch with these guys and we still have all the faith and belief that we're going to come out of this offensively and start clicking.

Bruce, to what degree did what Weaver do yesterday suggest a pitcher who had a very good day or what degree did it suggest that maybe they happened on a tendency that worked against you? He threw so many breaking balls and you all seemed to be oriented toward fast balls. Is that something that goes beyond one day or do you think that was a pitcher on a hot day?

Bruce Bochy: Sure, he threw a lot of breaking balls, but he threw some good ones, some quality ones, and you know, we've seen breaking balls before, and a lot of teams are good fast ball hitting clubs and if a pitcher, if he changes the way he pitches, and he goes with more breaking balls, he still has to get them over and make quality pitches with it, and he did that. That's what you battle against in the major leagues is a pitcher that has different pitches, and if he executes those pitches, he's probably going to have success, which Weaver did. If he goes out there and his plan is to throw the breaking ball and he can't get it over, we're probably going to have success, but bottom line is, he was throwing it for strikes. He was making quality pitches with it. So you tip your cap at that point but it's not a key that we can't hit the breaking ball.

It's more of a case that he threw good ones and he threw them at the right time.

Bruce, what criteria would go into your decision on Khalil? He hasn't hit live pitching in some time. It's kind of a leap of faith to put him out there, isn't it?

Bruce Bochy: Exactly, it is a leap of faith if I throw him out there, I know that. This kid really hasn't had enough at-bats to be comfortable up there, but you know, what Khalil gives you, he's one of the better shortstops in the game but I think Blum has done a good job, so that's why chances are, he probably will not be out there. The fact he just hasn't played in such a long time. But I do have the ability to change my mind. But early today, he hit during regular batting practice, and you know, he looks pretty good now at this point, so but sometimes you change things to change things. We've struggled here two games and so that's kind of the debate right now, whether we let him go or not.

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