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10/07/06 12:21 AM ET

Casey, Granderson postgame interview

Teammates say Rogers' performance, crowd was electric

Sean, you guys all ran to the mound pretty fast when Kenny was being taken out. Was that a show of support?

SEAN CASEY: Just the job he did tonight, everybody in the infield, everybody wanted to make sure that they acknowledged the job he did tonight and the spirit he pitched with. It was just -- it was awesome.

Either one of you, talk about the electricity in Comerica Park, the fans going crazy, chanting, doing the wave; talk about what it means to the fans to bring this home tonight.

CURTIS GRANDERSON: I would say the big thing from pitch one to the end of the game they are on their feet for the entire game. We have had 43,000 before, but this was totally different. It seemed like there was 100,000 people out there, and it got to the point where we could not hear anything. And that's exactly the way we wanted it to be. We enjoyed it.

SEAN CASEY: Just the atmosphere was awesome. Getting the split in New York and coming back here to Detroit, we knew the fans were going to be fired up, and they were tonight; it was a big lift for us.

Can you talk about what it's going to take tomorrow, and how important it would be to close the Yankees out tomorrow?

SEAN CASEY: You know, Bondo is looking forward to coming out here tomorrow and getting a good effort from him. We all have to be ready to go tomorrow. We really haven't finished everything yet. We have a 2-1 lead, but that doesn't mean anything. We have to come out tomorrow, play good baseball, and hopefully get a win.

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Question for Curt. You mentioned 100,000 people it felt like and all of the energy. Jim was worried about the game, that you guys might be too keyed up. Did you have to check yourself and how did you do that?

CURTIS GRANDERSON: I remember a lot of people saying they were going to take a step back because they know the momentum from the crowd and the crowd here in Comerica was going to step their game up a little bit. So everybody stepped back a little bit and kind of evened everything out.

There was moments where guys were definitely up a little bit more than they wanted to be. At the same time, I would like to be a little bit up and toning it down rather than not being able to get it up at all.

A lot of manufactured runs and hits. Talk about that and the contrast to the year.

SEAN CASEY: For us, manufacturing some runs, a couple two out hits, it was just, we played some good baseball tonight. I think seeing how Kenny was pitching early on, we knew if we got a few runs that we would have a good chance of winning tonight.

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