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10/07/06 4:41 PM ET

Brad Penny pregame interview

Dodgers Game 4 starter feels good, says team is upbeat

How are you feeling physically?

BRADY PENNY: Good. I feel fine. Just hoping I get a chance to pitch tomorrow. I think Greg's going to go out and have a great game and hopefully we'll come around and get to play tomorrow.

We have chewed on this a few times, but do you have a theory why your second half hasn't been as good as your first half?

BRADY PENNY: Not really. A lot of things. It's a game of inches like I said. Some balls are falling in that weren't falling in earlier in the first half and I'm leaving more pitches over the plate, it's a combination of everything pretty much.

But tomorrow I'm going to go out and stay focused and just try to make pitches. If I don't, it's a good lineup and I'll pay for it.

Can you fill us in, if you would, of the general mood of the guys in the clubhouse.

BRADY PENNY: Pretty upbeat. You would think it would be the opposite, but Derek Lowe is talking and he's been through it three times where they were down 2-0 and came back and won. So anything can happen. And we have all seen this team is capable of rolling off three in a row.

When your back does flare up, when do you feel it? Is it something that just comes on all of a sudden or is there any sort of way to predict whether or not it's going to happen or is there some movement that triggers it? What happens when you get that pain?

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BRADY PENNY: No, it just tightens up. I know pretty much when I'm warming up in the bullpen. But I threw in New York that one inning and everything felt fine. So I'm not counting on that happening.

I don't think it will at all.

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