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10/07/06 11:51 PM ET

Q & A with Scott Proctor

Reliever says Rogers' outing in Game 3 was turning point

DETROIT -- The postseason came to a sudden halt for Scott Proctor and the Yankees on Saturday, as the Tigers sent them home for the winter after an 8-3 win in Game 4 of the American League Division Series.

Proctor pitched 2 2/3 innings in the final game of the season, allowing one run on three hits.

Throughout the series, Proctor has taken part in an exclusive Q&A with MLB.com, sharing his thoughts after every game. On Saturday, Proctor talked about Jeremy Bonderman's performance, the disappointment of losing in the first round and what his team needs to do this winter to turn it around in 2007.

MLB.com: How disappointing is this for you?

Proctor: We came to Spring Training with one goal. When you don't achieve that goal, regardless of what kind of year you have, it's always disappointing. Once again, we don't settle for second or third; we're always striving to be first. You try to learn what you can from it and hit the ground running next year.

MLB.com: What was it like to watch Bonderman roll through your lineup, retiring the first 15 batters he faced?

Proctor: The guy's got good stuff. He's been a quality pitcher the whole year, so you know he's capable of doing that. We were just hoping he didn't do it against us on this particular day. My hat's off to them, because they have a really good team.

MLB.com: As the Tigers increased the lead to 6-0, did you get the sense that this just wasn't going to be your day?

Proctor: We knew we were in for a fight, but I don't think you ever say it's not going to happen. We knew we were going to have to buckle down even more and work harder to get more runs. It's not easy to do that in October, and tonight showed that.

MLB.com: What do you think was the turning point in the series?

Proctor: Kenny [Rogers] did a good job of putting his foot down on us. It didn't take it out of reach, but not getting a win in Game 3 was definitely a big blow.

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MLB.com: What, if any, changes do you think need to be made for 2007?

Proctor: That's what they pay Brian Cashman to do. I'll show up to Spring Training ready to go, and that's all I can control. I'm sure there will be a lot of talk about what to do, but that's what he's paid to do. He makes those decisions.

MLB.com: Given all of the adversity that your team went through this year, how would you characterize the 2006 season for the Yankees?

Proctor: Like I said, we set out to win the whole thing, so regardless of personal numbers or overcoming certain things, it's not a positive feeling.

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