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10/09/06 12:25 AM ET

Belliard postgame interview

Ronnie, when you look at the way that you've played over this past four games here, what does it mean for you coming over for this team and then kind of going through some ups and some downs and now to play like you have been over these past four games?

RONNIE BELLIARD: You know, sometimes you feel bad, sometimes you feel bad. Like when I get here, we lost eight in a row. But, you know, people start thinking about, hey, we're not going to be in the playoffs. But I'm like, hey, I'm going to be in the playoffs and I want to be there.

So being in the playoffs, it's the thing that you just focus more than the regular season. So I think everybody did that. And look where we are right now.

Ronnie, did the experience that you had last year with Cleveland, getting so close, seeing it just slip away at the very end, did that help at all going down the stretch in the season once you reached the post season this year?

RONNIE BELLIARD: Last year it hurt my feelings, because we were so close. We were for the last two games, then we went home. But when I got traded here, we was in first place. Anybody telling me, hey, we got a chance to be in the playoffs, I'm looking forward. And thank God we win the division, and we're here and now we're heading to New York.

Ronnie, a complement from Fernando Vina, he said when you were a rookie at Milwaukee he saw that deceptive quickness and he had no doubt that you were an exceptional fielder. I want to hear you on that.

RONNIE BELLIARD: Thank you. And I always like, when I went to Milwaukee as a rookie, I always looked at how he played and looked how he turned out playing, and he was a good player, too. Thank you.

With what Scott and also Molina also did tonight, Scott, of course, going through what he has going through, not knowing if he was going to play and Yadier struggling with some points, what did they mean to the team and also for game four?

RONNIE BELLIARD: Scott is going to be in the lineup, you're winning. But we're a team. We are going to live and we're going to die together. We're going to win or lose it together. And I think of Yadier, we're friends. When I got here, he treat me as a friend. I'm going to treat him as a friend. I think he's a good player.

We talk about that post season, you know, that I think, you know, you always hit good in the post season. You're a good player. So, hey, we're going to go there. I know you've been struggling all year, stuff like that. But he picks it up. He got a couple he got a hit in every game. He made a lot of good plays in this four games in the post season.

How does that celebration in the other room feel to you?

RONNIE BELLIARD: Good. It feels good. It's feeling good. Like I said, I was looking forward to winning the playoffs, and when I went over there to San Diego, it was like I'm going to do whatever it takes to win, and that's what I did, I think.

But I'm going to keep doing the same thing. I'm just going to keep playing hard, trying to play my defense and trying to get some hits, try to get on base. We're going to New York and they're a good team. And we've just got to keep playing like we're playing now. We're excited to go to New York.

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