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10/11/06 6:57 PM ET

Cliff Floyd pregame interview

Mets outfielder is healthy and ready to play

How does it feel today Cliff?

CLIFF FLOYD: Pretty good. Going to go out there and try to win a ballgame.

When were you told that you were on the roster?

CLIFF FLOYD: I actually told them. Does that make sense?

Yeah. When did you tell them?

CLIFF FLOYD: Yesterday. I had a couple questions for the doctor and he reassured me on a couple things, and here we are.

What convinced you that you could be on the roster?

CLIFF FLOYD: Whether I was pinch hitting or playing the field or playing a nine inning game, I could help so much. That wasn't, you know, etched in stone that I could play, just, you know, they asked me if I could hit, and I feel pretty good hitting right now.

What assurances did you need from the doctor, about further damage or something like that?

CLIFF FLOYD: Yeah, just further damage, or maybe something he saw differently.

What's it going to be like playing in the outfield?

CLIFF FLOYD: Probably like what you've seen lately. It's not my call to go out there and play. I told him what I'm capable of doing and let him make that decision. It's not my call to be hitting sixth and playing left field. It's Willie's call. My feeling was I could hit, do some of the things he needed me to do, and that's what we're going by.

Do you have any concerns about the weather, about it being so wet if this game does get played tonight?

CLIFF FLOYD: Yeah, but you know, to be on this roster was important to me, and I feel like I can help this team. Johnny Franco would definitely want me out there if he was pitching, I would hope.

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There's a half dozen guys on your team that played with Cory Lidle at some point or another in their career, how affected is your clubhouse this afternoon? Were guys watching this thing, coverage of this thing?

CLIFF FLOYD: Well, I think everybody in baseball is affected in some way, regardless if you played with him or not. It's a tragedy, an accident, and our prayers go out to his family of course. These type of situations, you just never know. You come to the park and you feel bad health wise and you turn on the TV and see this type of tragic accident, it's mind boggling some of the things that, you know, happen. Unless you know, regardless of who you are again, anything can happen any given day.

Would you have made this roster as a pinch hitter per se, if Willie wanted to kind of conserve you and give you limited duty in the field and make you a pinch hitter, or do you think it had to be all or nothing?

CLIFF FLOYD: That, I don't know. I told him how I felt, and that's the one thing that the trainers and I talked about, was just letting him know how you feel, what you can give. And then he went with that. I told him I would love to be on the roster to help this team. I feel pretty good. You know, I don't feel great, of course, but I haven't felt great in a while, you know. It's been a crazy year. Just thank God that we are in the post season. And this is a huge time, and you just want to be a part of it to help, not to be a part of it just because it means a lot, you know, it's post season. You want to be a part of it to help this team win. It might be my last season playing with the Mets, so I don't want to go out that way.

Did you wait to see the lineup card or did you know you were going to be in it at that point?

CLIFF FLOYD: I didn't. I walked in with him today, so he basically was just like, you're playing, hopefully get some swings before you get on the field. But of course, rain, Mother Nature, took its course.

Would another day off help you?

CLIFF FLOYD: No, it's the same. I'm hot, ready to go. My mindset is to stay ready, stay focused on playing the game. So regardless of what happens, I'm ready to play.

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