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10/16/06 5:51 PM ET

Bob Watson interview regarding rainout

Vice president of on-field operations discusses the rainout call of Game 5

What was the forecast, and was there any chance of even starting the game tonight?

BOB WATSON: No. Forecast is calling for this type of rain that we have right now until about eight o'clock, and then a steady drizzle until one or two in the morning. And in my opinion, no need to try to start the game at eight with drizzle, especially when tomorrow will be calling for 70 degrees or whatever, a good day.

Is there any possibility of tomorrow's game being an afternoon game, four o'clock start because of the travel?

BOB WATSON: Not from what I was told. I think the game is at 7:19. There was a question about four o'clock to me, but it was told to me that it was going to be 7:19 first pitch.

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