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10/16/06 6:04 PM ET

John Maine pregame interview

Mets pitcher talks about starting, adjustments

What do you take out of your start the other day that you're going to put into this one, whenever it is, the next couple of days?

JOHN MAINE: I think my biggest thing is I've got -- I was walking too many people. That's what hurts. Just go out there and throw strikes, fastball, work off that, just got to keep the walks down.

We've asked you plenty about Pujols and you've had, you know, your good and bad moments with him in the past. How do you feel that you as a staff have contained him or done okay to this point?

JOHN MAINE: Well, you know, we've kept him so far to no home runs, and we've kept him to singles. And that's the biggest thing, he's going to put the bat on the ball and get his hits. He's a great hitter. You have to worry about other guys around him, too, and try to keep them off base so he doesn't have an opportunity to drive runs in. I think we've done a pretty good job with that.

What are your conversations like with Oliver Perez, and what were your thoughts on how he pitched last night, and really, what does it do for your confidence?

JOHN MAINE: He pitched great. He went out there, he got over five innings, and that's all we wanted from him. We wanted some innings and keep it close. That's my goal every time I go out there, log some innings and keep it close. If they score some runs, three or four -- we're similar type of pitchers. We have similar games. He pitched great yesterday. Picked us up big time.

Just following up your earlier answer, so was it nerves about the walks or was it focus or what do you have to do to change that so that you're narrowing it on the plate and throwing strikes?

JOHN MAINE: I don't think it's so much nerves. I don't want to say focus. I go out there every pitch trying to focus. It's just you know, it's just one of those games, happened at a bad time. It's something that I can fix and something I'll work on between each start and just go out there and I feel fresh and throwing strikes and I will be all right.

How do you fix it? What's the adjustment?

JOHN MAINE: There's little things you can do in between starts. You have your bullpens and there might be something here minor that maybe Rick would point out, maybe doing this or why don't you start doing that. It will be all right.

With the way that Molina has really performed, how does that really change your complexion of how you pitch to him versus how he may have been pitched to during the season?

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JOHN MAINE: He's had a great series. He's been hitting the ball. You've just got to go out there and I don't like to, when I'm up there, I don't like to really single guys out. You go up there and make quality pitches regardless of who it is. If you do that, you make good pitches, you keep the ball down in the zone, you're going to get guys out. He's had a great series, and you know, it will be another task pitching to him. He's done a great job.

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