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10/18/06 12:38 AM ET

Jeff Weaver, Chris Duncan postgame interviews

Cards players give their thoughts about Game 5

Jeff, can you just talk a little about how well you contained not only the Mets but Carlos and Carlos in particular, Delgado and Beltrán?

JEFF WEAVER: Well, I think one advantage of playing a team in a long series like this is the opportunity to pitch twice. You get a pretty good read off of their approach last time. You know, you can go and do your homework and even have a better game plan than the first time. So I knew what they had hit before. And more than anything, just try to get ahead of them. Once you do that, you can make pitches in zones that you feel you can get them out with, and they are going to have to be aggressive at it and try to put it in play. So you know, we had talked prior to the game once again, and just, you know, Molina and myself and Duncan and the rest of the catchers just really had a good game plan. When you have that, it's just a matter of execution and for the most part, it went well.

Jeff, what kind of confidence did it give you that Tony stayed with you in the sixth with Wright and then three left-handed hitters after that?

JEFF WEAVER: Well, I think a lot of that has to do with just, you know, what you have done prior. I think that he knew that I was out there and making some quality pitches. You know, I think it's just huge just to get one more inning, especially in the sixth, that's pretty much the bridge inning to get to the role guys in the bullpen, to make things happen and allow them to be comfortable and come in situations that they are used to. So, you know, just to get through that inning, especially after we had scored to put a zero up was I think what a lot of us were looking for to keep the momentum on our side. So La Russa has been great ever since I've been here as far as staying confident with me and letting me work through things. I'm just happy and fortunate to be in this situation right now.

Chris, big at-bat for you, obviously. Take us through kind of your thought process during the pinch-hit.

CHRIS DUNCAN: Well, close game like that, I just want to make sure I took a good at-bat. Just try to find a way to get on base. You know, once I got on the 3-2, I knew in a close ballgame like that, he couldn't walk me so I wanted to make sure I was going to be aggressive in that count and he happened to leave a breaking ball up.

Jeff what does it mean to you to put your team up in this series, 3-2?

JEFF WEAVER: Well, I mean, Game 5, especially when it's a tied series, is a very pivotal game. Especially being here at home, you want to leave on your way to New York feeling good about your chances. You know, it was just a great feeling, especially you know after I had given up the two runs to see the team come back and battle and get two runs to tie it back up. I think it shows the character of this team, and if we could pull this game out and have a 3-2 lead going to New York with Carpenter on the hill, couldn't ask for a better situation.

There were several instances during the course of the regular season, especially when you were hot, where you got pinch-hit for, what is it like for you to be in these clutch situations against left-handers?

CHRIS DUNCAN: I was just trying to get ready to go whenever he was going to use me. We have a lot of left-handed bats on the bench tonight, and Spiezio has been swinging the bat really well with guys in scoring position, and J-Rod has been taking good at-bats. I had a feeling my pinch-hit might come earlier in the game and just happened to be off a left-hander, and I just wanted to put together a good at-bat.

You came to St. Louis -- when you came to St. Louis, you were doing poorly with the other team. Why or how did you come back? Duncan helped you, but you yourself had to do -- did you feel you had it in you? You were down when you came to St. Louis.

MODERATOR: I assume that question is for Jeff?


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JEFF WEAVER: Just the fact of being around for a while, there's going to be tough times, and it was unfortunate that things went poorly in Anaheim. But when I came here, I had a fresh start back in the National League where I had done a good job the prior couple of years. Just brought back that confidence where I continued to believe in myself and work and just continued to believe in myself that eventually things would turn around. You know, more than anything, my thought process was things happen for a reason. When I came to St. Louis knowing that they had a chance to win, get to the post-season, I was just concentrating on winning the ballgames in the post-season, and you know, just erasing anything that happened bad during the season. So the wins that I get during the post-season, I don't even remember the first half of the season. You know, I just put all that behind me, and wanted to help this team win. Like I said, just very fortunate to be in this situation to turn things around.

You hate to get ahead of yourself, but has it crossed your mind or have you thought about the possibility of facing the Tigers?

JEFF WEAVER: Well, I'll let you know after winning one more ballgame. (Laughter.) But it would be an interesting situation. I'm very happy for those guys over there. There's a couple of guys that I played with that have been through tough times. We win one more ballgame, and it will be a good situation to get back there.

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