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10/18/06 3:03 AM ET

Mailbag: Is the ride over for the Mets?

Bill Ladson answers fans' questions about the NLCS

ST. LOUIS -- A sampling of the e-mails sent in before and during Game 5 of the National League Championship Series between the Cardinals and Mets at Busch Stadium:

With Chris Carpenter pitching in Game 6, and the absence of a true travel day, did he fly up early to New York so he could be rested for Wednesday's game?
-- Doug C.

Yes, he traveled to New York this morning, so he should be rested for Wednesday's game. I expect him to help the Cardinals win the pennant that day.

How realistic is it for the Mets to win Game 6 and advance to the World Series at this point?
-- Lee M.

In my opinion, I don't think the Mets have enough pitching to go all the way. I think the Cardinals are far superior in that department. With John Maine starting for the Mets, I like the Cardinals' chances of winning the game.

Do Tom Glavine's 14 postseason wins count towards his 290 regular-season wins?
-- Mets fan in Georgia

The postseason victories do not count toward Glavine's regular-season win total. If that were the case, he would have celebrated his 300th win by now.

Where did Yadier Molina come from? I always knew he had a rocket arm behind the plate, but now he's doing it with the bat as well. Has he always had the ability to hit like this?
-- Tim K.

Covering the Expos in Puerto Rico in 2003 and '04, I always heard that Yadier was supposed to be better than his two brothers, Bengie and Jose. Yadier had a pretty good Minor League career as a hitter, but it hasn't carried over into the Major Leagues. The reason I think he is successful with the bat in the NLCS is because he is going with the pitch. We are seeing a lot of his hits going to right field.

Is there such a thing as too much rest for the Tigers?
-- Jason P.

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I think it depends on the team. The only example I could go by is what happened to the 1996 Yankees. They had six days off and lost the first two games of the World Series against the Braves. The Yankees were clearly flat, but they went on to win the next four games.

Why is it that the Cardinals' Albert Pujols refused to give Tom Glavine any credit with the "he is not that good" comment?
-- Eric

There's no question Pujols' comments were silly after Game 1, in which Glavine pitched seven shutout innings. I don't know what Pujols was thinking. Glavine has been a quality pitcher for years. Pujols should have just given Glavine credit and left it alone. However, it made good copy for the media and, for that, I'm grateful.

If the Cardinals win the NLCS, what are the chances that Jason Marquis is named to the Cardinals' World Series roster, since he would be a rested starting pitcher after not having played in the LCS?
-- Frank W.

I would be very surprised if Marquis made the World Series roster. He wasn't very good during the regular season. A 6.02 ERA will not get you to the World Series.

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