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10/19/06 11:57 PM ET

St. Louis and Detroit: A tale of two cities

A look at the locales for this year's World Series opponents

Detroit is area code 313.

St. Louis is area code 314.

Detroit is the Ford Expedition.

St. Louis is the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Detroit is Motown.

St. Louis is a MO town.

Detroit is Berry Gordy Jr.

St. Louis is Chuck Berry.

Detroit is Ty Cobb.

St. Louis is Stan "The Man" Musial.

Detroit is the birthplace of Charles Lindbergh.

St. Louis is the runway for Charles Lindbergh.

Detroit is Magglio Ordonez's walk-off homer to win a pennant.

St. Louis is Albert Pujols' homer off Tom Glavine that changed everything.

Detroit was a key stop along the "underground railroad" before the Civil War, due to its proximity to the Canadian border.

St. Louis is the Old Courthouse that was home to the Dred Scott Trial -- the case of a slave who, along with Harriet Scott, filed suit in 1846 to obtain his freedom.

Detroit is the immortal voice of Ernie Harwell.

St. Louis is the immortal voice of Jack Buck.

Detroit is former Piston Grant Hill.

St. Louis is Grant's Farm and The Hill.

Detroit is Joe Louis.

St. Louis is, well, St. Louis.

Detroit is Denny McLain winning 31 games in 1968's "Year of the Pitcher."

St. Louis is Bob Gibson's 1.12 ERA in 1968's "Year of the Pitcher."

Detroit is Mickey Lolich winning Game 7 of the 1968 World Series.

St. Louis is Bob Gibson striking out 17 in Game 1 of that series.

Detroit was founded in 1701 by French fur traders. The city's name comes from the Detroit River (in French, Rivière du Détroit, meaning "River of the Strait").

St. Louis was acquired from France by the U.S. under President Thomas Jefferson in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase -- one century after Catholic priests established a small mission there.

Detroit is not the capital of Michigan. It was from 1805-47, but Lansing has that distinction.

St. Louis is not the capital of Missouri. Jefferson City is.

Detroit is "Go Get 'Em Tigers" played over and over.

St. Louis is "Meet Me In St. Louis" played by Ernie Hayes on the Busch Stadium organ before every first pitch.

Detroit is Little Caesar's Pizza, owned by Tigers owner Mike Ilitch.

St. Louis is a cardboard-thin pizza from Imo's.

Detroit is "Rockin' Robin" by The Jackson 5.

St. Louis is the birds on the bat.

Detroit is an automotive supply chain that seems to go forever.

St. Louis is Jibbs asking, "Do your chain hang low?"

Detroit is Comerica Park, opened in 2000.

St. Louis is new Busch Stadium, opened in 2006.

Detroit is green seats at the ballpark.

St. Louis is red seats at the ballpark.

Detroit is 8 Mile Road.

St. Louis is Aaron Miles and Miles Davis.

Detroit is Eminem's B-Rabbit character in the 2002 movie "8 Mile" and the lyrics: "There goes Rabbit, he choked/He's so mad, but he won't/Give up that easy nope, he won't have it ..."

St. Louis is Rabbit Maranville batting .308 for the Cardinals in their 1928 World Series loss to the Yankees.

Detroit is Motor City, Motown, The "D," The Renaissance City."

St. Louis is the Gateway to the West, the Gateway City, Mound City or St. Louee.

Detroit is The Miracles singing the 1960 top hit "Shop Around."

St. Louis is the Galleria.

Detroit is Justin Verlander and Joel Zumaya, played to the tune of Martha & The Vandellas' 1963 R&B hit "Heat Wave."

St. Louis is Nelly's single "Hot In Herre" on a summer day with a cold Budweiser.

Detroit is The Supremes singing the 1966 top hit "You Can't Hurry Love."

St. Louis is Vince Coleman, Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee and Whiteyball.

Detroit is Kid Rock.

St. Louis is Sheryl Crow.

Detroit is Ted Nugent, the "Motor City Madman."

St. Louis is Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard.

Detroit is America's original Fox Theatre, which opened in 1928 for William Fox, owner of 20th Century Fox.

St. Louis is the Fox Theatre that opened in 1929 for silent films.

Detroit is the magical comeback in 2006 from 119 losses just three years earlier.

St. Louis is Six Flags and a roller-coaster season.

Detroit is the Detroit River and Canada on the other side.

St. Louis is the Mighty Mississippi and Illinois on the other side.

Detroit is the cure for the horse-drawn carriage.

St. Louis is the Clydesdales.

Detroit is a World Series champ most recently in 1984.

St. Louis is a World Series champ most recently in 1982.

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