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10/20/06 2:14 PM ET

Umpires named for World Series

Marsh to serve as crew chief and work behind home plate

An umpiring crew with 110 years of Major League experience has been selected for the 102nd World Series.

Randy Marsh, completing his 25th season as an MLB arbiter, will be the crew chief and work behind home plate in Saturday night's Fall Classic opener between the American League-champion Detroit Tigers and National-League champion St. Louis Cardinals at Comerica Park in Detroit.

The six-man umpiring crew, announced Friday by MLB, includes 24-year veteran Tim McClelland, John Hirschbeck (23 years), Mike Winters (17 years), Wally Bell (14 years) and Alfonso Marquez, who has seven years of MLB umpiring experience.

"This is a very good group of umpires," said Mike Port, MLB vice president, umpiring. "It's a group that includes three crew chiefs. Everyone aspires to work a very good World Series and the less attention they get, the better."

Marsh, McClelland and Hirschbeck were crew chiefs during the 2006 season.

Marsh, 57, became a member of the Major League staff in 1982 and has worked four previous World Series -- 1990, '97, '99 and 2003. He also was on the field for All-Star Games in 1985, '88 and '96, Division Series in 1998, '99, 2001, '03 and '06 and League Championship Series in 1989, '92, '95, 2000, '02, '04-'05.

Marsh also umpired the 2000 Opening Series in Tokyo, Japan, between the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets.

This will be McClelland's fourth World Series assignment, which includes Fall Classics in 1993, 2000 and '02. Hirschbeck (1995) and Winters (2002) have one World Series experience on their resumes, while Bell and Marquez will be working their first.

All six members of the Series crew also worked during the best-of-five Division Series.

Following the Division Series, a selection committee that included former umpires Rich Garcia, Frank Pulli, Jim McKean, Steve Palermo, Rich Rieker, Marty Springstead and Cris Jones, used a 10-point evaluation system to select the six-man Series umpiring crew and submitted their list to the Commissioner's office.

Among the stipulations in the agreement between MLB and the World Umpires Association are that umpires cannot work back-to-back World Series and those who work in the LCS are not eligible to work in the Fall Classic.

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