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10/22/06 5:37 PM ET

Sean Casey pregame interview

Tigers DH talks about the cold, the fans and playing in Detroit

When you're DHing, how much is it killing you that you're not a first baseman?

SEAN CASEY: It's killing me. It's killing my social time. That's my tee time over there. Right now it's just good to be out there. But I'll be back there at first and have a couple of good conversations, probably.

How much does the weather affect the game as far as the pitching or the hitting, and which one has an advantage, if either?

SEAN CASEY: Well, I think, you know, I think the big thing you have to remember is that both teams are playing in it. I think that's the focus. When it's cold out there, sometimes as a hitter, it can affect you a little bit. But I think for the most part, since both teams have to play in it, your adrenaline gets going out there, and I don't think it's that big a factor.

I know you missed the last three games the last series.


What's it like mentally to go a week between games?

SEAN CASEY: You know, you don't normally get that during the season. Obviously the All-Star break is probably the most you get with the three games. For us it was just trying to have good practices, we saw a few live -- a few of our pitchers threw to us and try to get some game arms. You can't simulate the game. So it's definitely a long time. But I don't think it's any excuse or anything like that. I think we just didn't play well last night and we'll be ready to go tonight.

What did you do during the time when your team was on the field, anything different? Did you feel like you thought you were going to feel after the game last night?

SEAN CASEY: Yeah, I felt fine after the game. I felt healthy and good. In between innings I just try to stay loose and keep myself going.

I know the fans have been great all year. There's clearly something special between them and Kenny in the postseason. How much do you guys as teammates feed off that and particularly considering last night it was dead in here?

SEAN CASEY: We've been feeding off Kenny all season, especially the postseason with the starts he's had. We've relied on him and leaned on him at times, and hopefully tonight is another one of those times he gives a great outing and we can put the runs on the board for him.

Jim Leyland said part of what could have happened with the offense is when you get behind is you tend to want to start swinging and hit home runs. This is a free-swinging team, do you have to tell yourself to step back and be more patient?

SEAN CASEY: That's our personality. Being in the World Series and being that team, that's our identity. We're going to keep trying to make things happen. I think that's what our offense is.

How much last night was the hitters' approach and how much was Anthony Reyes having a good night?

SEAN CASEY: It was a little bit of both. We had some things going there in the first that he was able to get out of it and he settled in a little bit. That was the thing. And we never just really got things going. We never got guys on base after that, and he kind of just shut us down. So a little bit of both. we weren't able to do damage on and he also pitched really well. That combination pretty much shut us down.

Are you surprised how calm and poised a lot of these rookies are here in the World Series, especially the two pitchers last night?

SEAN CASEY: Yeah, no doubt. I think it's obviously the biggest stage as far as our profession goes, and they really did a great job. And a lot of the young guys have looked at it as another game and tried to keep their emotions in check. And I think they're doing what they've been doing all year.

In late June or early July did you ever dream you'd be in the World Series?

SEAN CASEY: I was in Pittsburgh, and I was joking around saying that when I got that phone call and I was traded to Detroit, I gained 70 games in one phone call. So, no, back then I never would have dreamed I'd be here, so it's pretty awesome.

Just to follow up on that, you've played in different cities, how is Detroit different than any place you've ever played?

SEAN CASEY: Well, I've played in Cincinnati eight years, and going to Pittsburgh, I was going back home. And being able to come here, I think it's been just a magical season here in Detroit. Everything has been so magical with the team and the city. I think to really be a part of that, I think that's been the difference. It's my first time going to postseason and being a part of this club and Jim Leyland and everybody, I think that's been so special.

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