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10/23/06 1:02 AM ET

Guillen and Monroe postgame interview

Detroit's Game 2 offensive stars talk about Tigers' focus

You say that it's one game at a time and you're doing it like that.

CARLOS GUILLEN: It's a short series. We've got to win one game at a time, that's what we say every day in the clubhouse, we've got to win four games. So what am I going to say? One at a time. We lost last night. Today is another day, another game. We win tonight.

Craig and then Carlos, just talk about Kenny's performance. What it is about him this postseason? Have you ever seen anybody pitch like this in the playoffs?

CRAIG MONROE: I think Kenny is now the professor. To watch him change speeds, his attitude and excessive nature takes him to the next level. It's fun being in the outfield to see his emotion and lay it all out on the line. That's what we do as a team, we thrive off each other, and to see Kenny go with the high emotion and really excited about making plays and making pitches makes you as an outfielder, as a position player, you want to do the same thing.

Craig, this club has a remarkable ability to bounce back from really disappointing defeats and bounce back almost immediately, where does that come from?

CRAIG MONROE: You know what, I've got a great skipper. And the bottom line is every day is a new day. You've got to be able to turn the page, and that's what we do. I think our atmosphere in the clubhouse, we trust those 24 guys, and their ability. We pick each other up. Every day you feel you don't have to be the hero today, just go out there and do what you're capable of doing, and who knows, maybe you will be the hero.

Craig, some of us spoke to you yesterday and you said you felt as focused as you have in a long time. Can you talk about why that is? And also explain to us what happened on the home run tonight.

CRAIG MONROE: You know what, it's funny because you grow up and you mature. And tonight being -- to not being in this situation before, I'm shocked sometimes of myself. I'm relaxed and having fun. I think that's the big thing. I'm not getting caught up in all the things that are going on around me and I'm staying focused on one thing and that's trying to be a good player. I think the big thing for me is trying to compete and do everything that I possibly can to help this team win. And the pitch that I got today was a fastball. I knew Weaver was an aggressive pitcher. He's got great stuff. I know he throws a slider. I wanted to try to stay up the middle. Fortunate for me I got a fastball down the middle in and I took a good swing.

Craig, one of the other reporters just asked Kenny if he was aware that the scoreless inning streak in the postseason is 27 innings, and belongs to Christy Mathewson. His response was, "I'm no Christy Mathewson." You're in the likes of Barry Bonds and Hank Greenberg with the home runs, do you care to take that one?

CRAIG MONROE: I'm going to have to agree with Kenny. For us it's about this team. And we've battled together and we have to go out and continue what we're doing and that's try to be successful. I'm not here to talk about me. This team has done an outstanding job of sticking by each other and persevering. Yeah, that's great, but I'm focused on one thing and that's to help this team win games?

Craig, when the team was slumping in September you told us, I don't want to be on a roller coaster with all its highs and lows. You're on a couple of highs in the first two games with the home runs. Where are you getting this calm and this maturation you were talking about?

CRAIG MONROE: I think that comes with preparation, to be honest with you. I've really prepared. I've really focused. I know now during the regular season I maybe let some at-bats get away. But now I found a way to focus on every pitch, mature, being in it, and when you do that -- I'm having fun. I'm excited. I'm having a good time and this is what we play this game for is to be in these moments and try to thrive. And it's fun for me and for this team, I know, to be in this situation. And it's something we all dreamed about, and to be doing it and having a pretty good start definitely feels good.

For Carlos, first, and then for Craig, considering how critical this game was and considering the fact that last night you got a little bit impatient at the plate, were swinging at some pitches that you hadn't been through the first two series, what was the approach and what was discussed before tonight's game and how did it change in going against Weaver and the Cardinals tonight?

CARLOS GUILLEN: Yeah, we lose last night, but we play, you know, hard nine innings last night. The key, you know, we played tonight the same way we've been playing the whole year, stay focused, you go hit, play good defense, don't try too much. I think that would be the key the whole year. You have to stay focused, don't try to do too much and enjoy this game.

CRAIG MONROE: I don't think we changed anything today. For us we wanted to come out and be aggressive. We feel like that's got us to this point thus far, so why not continue to go up there and be aggressive. But I think when you trust your eyes, I think the guys are trusting their eyes and you get to a point where you're going, and we're an aggressive team. We've swung the bats well all season long, and I don't think we need to change that right now. I think we need to continue to be aggressive.

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