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10/25/06 6:14 PM ET

Anthony Reyes/Jeff Weaver pregame interview

Both Cardinals pitchers ready to pitch Game 5

This is actually for both of you, how does it affect you the fact that you don't really know if you're going to start next? How do you prepare differently or don't you?

ANTHONY REYES: I always go at it like I'm going to pitch, so I just do everything I was going to do before, like I am going to pitch and if it's not my time, I just try to prepare for the next one.

JEFF WEAVER: That's exactly right. We're all ready to go. We've all done our work to get ready for the possibility, and this is what it's all about, everybody is on call whenever you need it.

Jeff, unless there's a rainout it would be going on a short rest for you. How are you dealing with the situation where you may start on short rest but you may have to prepare to start the next day, does that change much of your routine between starts?

JEFF WEAVER: If there's any positives to the rainout in New York, then this is one of them. This is the same situation where I was ready to go and a rainout pushes you back a day and gives you another day's rest. Another day of rest always helps, but I feel good right now, physically I've done my preparation for a short rest to start and everything feels good. So either way I feel like it's not going to matter.

Anthony, the Rams practiced today and Brett Romberg was saying you got him some tickets for Game 5, he said, "Thanks for the tickets but I'm coming in my Tigers' colors." Are you okay with a buddy of yours using you for tickets but coming in the Tigers' colors?

ANTHONY REYES: He might be doing that just to get at me. I've met him. He's a cool guy, so whatever he wants to do.

Anthony, there was a lot of talk after your last start about how you pitched effectively up in the zone at times. You got a lot of fly ball outs, popup outs. There was also talk afterward about how they tried to get you to pitch down in the zone a little more consistently. Can you talk about how you go through that, what that process is for you, just trying to become the pitcher who is a little more consistent?

ANTHONY REYES: I work on everything in the bullpen and when it comes to game time, then I go out there and I try to battle as much as I can. Hopefully if you keep working on something in the bullpen it will translate in the game. Once game time comes, I'm out competing the best I can, I try to be as aggressive as I can, and pitch effectively with what I have.

I'm curious, is that a mechanical thing for you, is it a release point thing? What is your key on the ball down in the zone versus up?

ANTHONY REYES: I think I've pitched up in the zone all my life. It's one of those things that it might take me a little more time to get the adjustment for keeping the ball down. I thought I've done a better job this year of doing it than years previous.

Jeff, with your brother in town, do you ever use him as a resource, since obviously he's faced the Tigers, too, on different ways you want to pitch certain guys?

JEFF WEAVER: No, not particularly. He's just here enjoying the festivities. We got great information here within -- we sit down with Duncan and both our catchers and go over the game plan ourselves. We both have faced him this year and have a good idea of what we are trying to accomplish out there. He doesn't want to add any extra information if he doesn't have to. So we're all set with what we've got here and feel good about it within.

Anthony, after pitching so well in Game 1 are you kind of surprised that you're kind of in limbo right now for Game 5?

ANTHONY REYES: No. It's all strategies, and it's what's best for the team, and it's just -- it's one of those things where we're just trying to get the most out of our pitchers, and whoever Tony feels is best capable of pitching against these guys that's what we're going to do. And like I said before, just stay ready because you never know what's going to happen and that's what I'm doing.

Jeff, I know the goal hasn't been accomplished yet, so maybe you just can't afford to do this. But have you taken a minute to think back how this season turned to the point where people are saying, man, I hope Weaver gets the baseball in the World Series in October?

JEFF WEAVER: There's been a crazy year, there's no doubt about that, but once I had come to St. Louis, one of my major thought processes was everything kind of happens for a reason, and it continues to work and who knows, maybe we'll end up in postseason and have a chance to erase everything that happened prior. And once we got to the postseason, I mean that just kind of brought everything to fruition with me and everything has happened for a reason. And to have the opportunity to pitch in the postseason and help this team win some games, it's been a dream come true. I've always been, in the postseason, had a chance to start before, but never had an opportunity to win and help contribute. So it's been that much easier to put what happened the first half of the season behind and just enjoy what we're going through right now and try to keep it going.

Anthony, Tony spoke earlier about an emergency start you made in Milwaukee last year and how well you handled that and of course you had that performance in Game 1. I'm wondering whether the way you've handled the jitters has been based on experiences you've had? Is it your nature? How have you been able to remain calm in those situations?

ANTHONY REYES: I've always been a day-to-day person, so I try not to think about anything I can't control. So I always go in there and I try to not think about it, and whatever I have to do is what I get prepared for and I try not to think about it too much other than the game plan I have set for that day or just trying to prepare the best I can.

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