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10/25/06 10:58 PM ET

Jimmie Lee Solomon interview

MLB's executive VP of baseball operations discussed postponement issues

Can you explain how long or apparently if the game was started by 10:00 was as late as you were ready to go?

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: We didn't have a definite time, but it became apparent the front was not going to move through. We anticipated the front going through earlier, as early as 8:00, being clear and no rain behind it, so we waited. Then it was 8:30, then it was 8:45 and then it was 9:00. It stalled in front of us. There was no magic time to it, but after a time it was apparent we couldn't get started.

At this point, what are your forecasters telling you about the next two days?

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: Well, they're going to be dicey. Tomorrow there is about a 70 percent chance of rain tomorrow. It's going to be light rain. We don't know whether or not that rain will linger, like it did tonight. We are hopeful that it moves straight on through. Unfortunately Friday's forecast is pretty bad, also. We could get a soaking as much as two or two and a half inches, they say. We're hopeful that some of those turn around and don't come through.

If the rain continues, is it possible to wait until Saturday or Sunday, when the forecast is supposed to be better?

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: That would be an unfortunate circumstance for us, but if we had to we probably would.

Take us through the timetable again of how this all happened and the decision-making process, some of us who came in here late.

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: What happened was we knew that the light rain that we were experiencing earlier before the game started was going to continue. And then we thought that a heavier band would come through, probably between 6:30 and 7:00. It did get steady -- the rain became steady and heavier. Then we were told that band would last, though, until about 8 or so, 8:15, then it would be clear for the rest of the evening. So we waited until then, hoping that that front would go through. Unfortunately what happened was it stalled in front of us. The wind, as you could see, stopped blowing and it stalled. It never moved. And as you can see it's still raining now.

We've had some question about what the ticket policy is going to be.

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: What's been determined at this point is that the tickets for tonight's game are going to be good for Friday. And so the tickets for tomorrow's game will be good for tomorrow. Game 5 tickets will be for tomorrow. And Game 4 tickets will be for Friday.

And just going forward, the off day is gone, and you'll pick up Saturday and Sunday, if necessary?

JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: That has not been determined exactly how they'll handle that, but that could happen. I'm not going to make a decision on that, because I hopefully won't have to worry about that day being gone.

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