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04/09/07 7:25 PM ET

Free MLB.TV trial offer extended

Watch five days of baseball from every team risk-free

If you are still trying to decide whether to join the millions who watch live Major League Baseball games on their computers, don't sweat it.

MLB.com and Right Guard have you covered.

Due to overwhelming demand by baseball fans in just about every corner of the world, MLB.com is extending its offer through the end of April for Right Guard's presentation of a five-day, risk-free trial of MLB.TV and MLB.TV Premium.

Just think about all those people who already have done this in April. Every out-of-market game has been streamed live, and they might have seen: those four consecutive games in which Alex Rodriguez went deep; Felix Hernandez stealing the Daisuke Matsuzaka-Ichiro Suzuki show; the electric start of a resurgent Braves team; Orlando Hudson slapping hits everywhere for the surprising and new-look Diamondbacks; and a full turn of your favorite team's starting rotation.

Not surprisingly, many of those people are now season or monthly subscribers. After five days, you probably will understand why and are likely to follow the rest of the season this way.

MLB.TV is the best friend a baseball fan ever had if you are a business traveler away from your favorite team; living in an area far from your team's local cable reach (and that's a bunch of you); away at college; wanting to track your fantasy roster in the most technologically perfect way possible; just following a favorite player; researching for your upcoming All-Star vote; wanting to see your friend who has choice seats in camera view; a mother of a big-leaguer wondering if her boy is eating right out there on the road; looking for on-demand archived broadcasts; wanting to be part of the in-crowd; hoping for a no-hitter; like most everyone else around here.

Here are the basics on MLB.TV and MLB.TV Premium services if you want to try them out, and remember, you can try them all out for free.

MLB.TV Premium
This is a new feature for 2007, and it is available now at $119.95 for the year or $19.95 a month. MLB.TV Premium includes everything in the basic MLB.TV package, but it also includes MLB.TV Mosaic. This revolutionary tool was introduced at the end of last season in beta, allowing you to see any six live games simultaneously on one computer screen. After listening to your feedback, there are powerful new Mosaic capabilities that people are currently mesmerized to behold around the clock. Drag-and-drop a game's thumbnail from all those choices so it puts the currently playing game you want most right in the sweet spot. Take complete control. Track up to 20 players simultaneously with Mosaic -- another breakthrough for fantasy owners. If you do not wish to download Mosaic, then you still can watch single games at high-speed (up to 700 kbps) with MLB.TV Premium. MLB.com Gameday Audio is included.

Major League Baseball became the first and only sports league in 2003 to begin streaming its live games over the Internet, and this modern staple of fandom is back at $89.95 for the year or $14.95 a month. Watch 99 percent of all regular-season games live (blackouts apply). Get immediate access to games already played this season, so you can go watch every one of the four long balls Alex Rodriguez already has knocked out. Get Condensed Games that include only plays resulting in a hit or out; Extended Highlights for each game; Searchable Video and Clickable Linescores, which let you simply click any half-inning and watch only that action. MLB.com Gameday Audio is included as a new feature for this season.

Not much else needs to be said. MLB.TV does all the talking for itself. Just try it out for five days, risk-free, and see for yourself what most baseball fans are talking about in 2007. Even if you wait until the very last day of the month to make your move, you'll still get the five days. It's inspirational, it's sensational, it's even anti-perspirational.

"The technological advances made these days are pretty amazing," Rangers shortstop Michael Young said a while back after playing in front of an insane number of MLB.TV viewers who were watching live in countries all over. "Technology never stops. Twenty-five years from now we're going to look back and say that the Internet was like a VHS tape or an 8-track."

Mark Newman is enterprise editor for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.