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06/26/07 1:38 PM ET

Hot races remain in AL All-Star voting

Four top players battling it out for three outfield spots

One cool dream realized.

One hot race remaining.

That's the sound-bite update on voting for the 2007 American League All-Star team. The latest results, announced on Tuesday afternoon, reflect a starting lineup essentially set for the 78th Midsummer Classic at San Francisco's AT&T Park on July 10.

But it's not completely decided, thanks to a major Motown rumble among outfielders.

Detroit's Magglio Ordonez, an also-ran during the entire campaign, took a Tiger bite out of the ballot box to storm into a starting position.

Ordonez received nearly a half-million votes this week to leap into second place among outfielders, bumping Manny Ramirez out of the leader pack. Vladimir Guerrero (2,043,824) and Ichiro Suzuki (1,409,762) retained their positions at first and third place, respectively.

The otherwise status quo showed Alex Rodriguez, the runaway leader at third base, jack his total to 2,542,551 votes.

The significance there is his growing lead over teammate Derek Jeter for the overall vote lead. Jeter, himself assured of starting alongside A-Rod, has 2,127,177 votes, to trail his teammate by 415,000.

While checking out the All-Star site with the other Yankees last weekend, Rodriguez mulled over the possibility of being the top vote-getter and concluded, "I won't lie to you, it would be pretty cool."

"With all the scrutiny and stuff, it would be a very humbling thing," A-Rod added. "I've been close a few times. To be No. 1 would be special."

With the tight outfield situation, and the not-quite-as-tight situation that remains behind the plate, fans are urged to vote through MLB.com and all 30 club sites until 11:59 p.m. ET on June 28.

They will resume voting immediately after the 2007 MLB All-Star Game Selection Show presented by Chevrolet, which will be televised by TBS on Sunday, July 1. Baseball fans around the world will be able to select the 32nd and final player on each All-Star team through the Monster.com 2007 All-Star Final Vote.

Selecting the rosters isn't the end of the fun in 2007, either. Concluding the All-Star balloting process, fans will have the opportunity to vote for the Ted Williams Most Valuable Player presented by Chevrolet at the All-Star Game through the Monster.com 2007 All-Star Game MVP vote at MLB.com.

The All-Star Game will be televised nationally by FOX Sports and around the world by Major League Baseball International. ESPN Radio will provide exclusive national radio coverage, MLB.com will offer extensive online coverage and MLB Radio will have exclusive play-by-play coverage of the game on the Internet.

Though he has fallen to fourth, Ramirez remains very much in contention, trailing Suzuki by a scant 23,000 votes.

The Tigers' Ivan Rodriguez continues to run to daylight in the catchers' race, opening a lead of more than a quarter-million votes over the Yankees' Jorge Posada. Although Minnesota's Joe Mauer has rallied into third place, he trails the leader by more than 400,000 and thus doesn't appear to be in a threatening position.

Elsewhere, the leaders simply continued pulling away.

At first base, David Ortiz (1,810,440) pulled nearly 750,000 votes ahead of Minnesota's Justin Morneau.

At second base, Placido Polanco of the Tigers now sports a lead of more than 300,000 over Robinson Cano of the Yankees.

Jeter's edge over Detroit's Carlos Guillen grew to 1.3 million, and A-Rod is an impressive 1.65 million up on Boston's Mike Lowell.

2007 MLB All-Star Balloting : American League
1st Base
1.Ortiz, D.Red Sox1,810,440
2.Morneau, J.Twins1,063,173
3.Casey, S.Tigers688,613
4.Giambi, J.Yankees588,403
5.Hafner, T.Indians502,385
2nd Base
1.Polanco, P.Tigers1,269,717
2.Cano, R.Yankees965,712
3.Pedroia, D.Red Sox585,544
4.Castillo, L.Twins529,031
5.Upton, B.J.Devil Rays490,389
1.Jeter, D.Yankees2,127,177
2.Guillen, C.Tigers877,976
3.Tejada, M.Orioles624,457
4.Cabrera, O.Angels512,632
5.Lugo, J.Red Sox509,433
3rd Base
1.Rodriguez, A.Yankees2,542,551
2.Lowell, M.Red Sox892,356
3.Inge, B.Tigers572,441
4.Chavez, E.Athletics325,159
5.Beltre, A.Mariners320,803
1.Rodriguez, I.Tigers1,362,506
2.Posada, J.Yankees1,111,926
3.Mauer, J.Twins951,664
4.Varitek, J.Red Sox939,626
5.Martinez, V.Indians566,668
1.Guerrero, V.Angels2,043,824
2.Ordonez, M.Tigers1,445,899
3.Suzuki, I.Mariners1,409,762
4.Ramirez, M.Red Sox1,386,522
5.Hunter, T.Twins1,085,445
6.Sheffield, G.Tigers957,823
7.Sizemore, G.Indians802,752
8.Abreu, B.Yankees746,290
9.Damon, J.Yankees708,877
10.Matsui, H.Yankees666,546
11.Drew, J.D.Red Sox640,889
12.Crisp, C.Red Sox559,339
13.Sosa, S.Rangers515,440
14.Crawford, C.Devil Rays434,507
15.Monroe, C.Tigers392,096
Results updated: Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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