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07/05/07 11:26 AM ET

All-Star fan FAQ

Information on AT&T Park, transportation and more

SAN FRANCISCO -- All across the nation, fans are gearing up and getting ready for the greatest week of the baseball season. It's All-Star time and to help with the getting-ready part, here are a few questions fans should know the answers to.

What's the best way to get to AT&T Park the day of?
Public transportation is the best way, but for those driving, make sure to wear comfortable shoes because there will be some walking. Most of the streets surrounding the park will be closed from Saturday to Tuesday and that includes the majority of Third Street and eastbound King Street, between Second and Third Streets. On Tuesday, the actual game day, just basically avoid The Embarcadero near the ballpark all together.

Additional streets that will be closed Sunday through Monday are Berry and King Streets, between Third and Fourth, and The Embarcadero and Third Street are both closed between King and Townsend Streets. Part of Terry Francis Boulevard will also be closed Friday through Wednesday.

Traffic will also be diverted off I-280 northbound at Sixth Street to prevent traffic from continuing on to King Street.

Is driving the only way to get to the park?
No, public transportation will save a lot of headache and time. Bay Area Rapid Transit, BART, doesn't go directly to the ballpark, but the Montgomery, Powell and Embarcadero stops do get you in the vicinity. From there, transfer to the Muni T Line, which stops on the ballpark doorstep. If this sounds a little confusing, go to 511.org to plan a personalized route. To check out the BART schedule, rates and a map, visit www.bart.gov.

What about this FanFest I keep hearing about. Where and when is that?
The DHL All-Star FanFest will be held Friday through Tuesday at the Moscone West Convention Center located at 747 Howard St., with most events starting at 8 a.m. PT. During all of these events, one lane of southbound Fourth Street, and one lane westbound on Howard will be closed.

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Are boats and kayaks allowed in McCovey Cove during the events?
Yes, but with conditions. Only human-powered watercraft 20 feet or under are permitted to enter a safe zone that will be in effect Saturday through Tuesday. Inner tubes and pool toys, however, do not count. Most importantly, all watercrafts must be registered. It is free and painless to register. Once boats are in the security zone they are subject to search.

What can I bring to the park?
Regular park rules will apply, which means all bags must be smaller than 16 by 16 by 18 inches. This includes paper or plastic bags, fanny packs, purses, backpacks, lunch bags, diaper bags, soft-sided coolers, handbags and briefcases. Items not allowed no matter what size are alcoholic beverages (including non-alcoholic, beer and wine) glass bottles, cans, laser pointers, noisemakers, hard-sided coolers and weapons of any kind.

What should I bring to the park?
Bring a sweatshirt or jacket. For those who don't know, San Francisco can be one of the coldest cities in the summer. AT&T Park is certainly warmer than Candlestick, but a chilly wind can whip through the seats at night, even after the clearest of days.

What else do I need to know?
With beefed-up security and the sheer mass of descending fans, make sure to get there early. AT&T is a beautiful ballpark, and getting there early won't be punishment.

Should I be worried about counterfeit tickets and merchandise?
Yes, always be skeptical of anything that's not sold directly through the Giants or an affiliate. To combat counterfeiters, a special task force was created that will deploy an army of undercover officers. The punishment is steep, too, up to $2 million in fines and 10 years in prison for counterfeit merchandise, and up to $250,000 and three years for counterfeit tickets. Bottom line, just just don't fork over a wad of cash to someone who claims to have front-row tickets to the All-Star Game. Also, keep an eye on your wallet. San Francisco is safe, but as with any crowded place, stuff gets stolen.

Most importantly, will I see Barry Bonds hit a home run?
Maybe, it's been known to happen at AT&T.

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