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10/03/07 1:34 PM ET

Pregame interview with Franklin Morales

Rockies rookie isn't nervous as he prepares for Division Series

Franklin, are you nervous yet, and if not, when do you think you will be?

FRANKLIN MORALES: I'm not nervous and I don't expect to get nervous and I'm 100% ready for the game.

Could you just comment on what a wild ride it's been for you most of the year you were in Astros and then you were called up and you get in the starting rotation and now you're in the playoffs. Can you just comment on what you've been through this season?

FRANKLIN MORALES: I thought that I would end the year in the big leagues because I know that I work hard but I just have to focus on the situation that we are in the playoffs.

This is where you had your first big league win and you've faced this lineup before. How much easier does it make it to prepare, the fact that you've seen all the hitters?

FRANKLIN MORALES: Nothing is easy in life and I just have to focus on my pitches and do my job.

Just wondering, what advantage you think you might have pitching in twilight, pitching a late afternoon game when batters have a tough time picking up the ball.

FRANKLIN MORALES: I think it will be an advantage for me but I still have to stay focused and make my pitch.

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Two weeks ago, your teammate, Ubaldo Jimenez put a bubblegum wad on top of your head during the game and you looked angry at him when you finally figured it out. Were you mad at him?


You think that was funny?

FRANKLIN MORALES: Yeah, it's funny. (Laughter.)

You looked mad.


When you're pitching well, can you just talk about the pitches individually, what works for you the best, and your repertoire as a pitcher and what works the best for you.

FRANKLIN MORALES: Fastball command and keep my fastball down.

What concerns you the most about this Phillies lineup?

FRANKLIN MORALES: I know that they have good hitters but I just have to focus on my pitches and just make my pitches.

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