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10/03/07 4:25 PM ET

Daisuke Matsuzaka pregame interview

Red Sox pitcher discusses approach to postseason pitching

I'm wondering if as the playoffs have approached, have you heard from many people back in Japan? And do you have a sense of the excitement level back there?

DAISUKE MATSUZAKA: No, I'm not really sure.

Can you compare working with Jason Varitek this year compared to other catchers that you've had throughout your career?

DAISUKE MATSUZAKA: I think that in comparison, he is very, very observant, and that is the only thing I'd say about Tek.

How would you compare the physical demands of this season to demands of other seasons in Japan?

DAISUKE MATSUZAKA: I don't think that there has been a big difference.

You've pitched in some pretty big games for Japan. The World Baseball Classic one of the most recent. How does this game compare to that? And how much did your experience in other big games help you, do you think it will help you in this game?

DAISUKE MATSUZAKA: I feel that, you know, because of those experiences I will be able to approach this game with the same approach and mentality that I've been able to approach my games during the regular season.

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How has -- the way you've approached games changed over the course of the year, if it has?

DAISUKE MATSUZAKA: Almost everything was new to me this year, so every experience I had I felt, you know, I decided early on that it was going to be a learning year for me. Now that I'm at the very end, I just feel that I want to go into this game in the best shape that I possibly can.

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