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10/03/07 6:00 PM ET

Chien-Ming Wang workout day interview

Yankees right-hander excited to pitch Game 1 again

What does it mean to you to pitch Game 1 for two years in a row?

CHIEN-MING WANG: For me, very excited, very happy and try to win the game.

You haven't pitched against the Indians since last year. Do you think that is an advantage for you or an advantage for the Indians?

CHIEN-MING WANG: Very good for me because I can do a scout report a lot. The guy hitting.

Do you think you're a different pitcher than the last time you faced them?

CHIEN-MING WANG: No. I use more change of speed, changeup, maybe different.

Do you consider yourself an ace pitcher when you look at yourself, do you see yourself as -- ?

CHIEN-MING WANG: No. For me, everybody is the same. A lot of good pitchers on the Yankees team.

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I know this is the second time you were going to pitch in a -- playoff do you feel nervous or you are totally fine?

CHIEN-MING WANG: I'm fine. The same. The same as season, yeah.

You always seem very calm. Do you think that helps you in a playoff game to not be so excited or nervous?

CHIEN-MING WANG: One more time.

You seem very calm all the time. Do you think that helps you in the playoffs to not get nervous or not as excited?

CHIEN-MING WANG: I think it helps me a lot. Don't get nervous. Just pitching the same in postseason.

Do you have anybody coming from Taiwan to see the game, or will they be watching on TV?

CHIEN-MING WANG: Some friends are coming here.

Any family members coming?

CHIEN-MING WANG: Yeah (laughter). My mom, my dad.

Last year you said you were more nervous during the press conference than you would be during Game 1. Is that the same situation right now?

CHIEN-MING WANG: Same (laughter).

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