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10/04/07 4:29 PM ET

Pregame interview with Derek Jeter

Jeter happy to see young players get to the playoffs

When people talk about the postseason, they always think about you. What do you think about Kenny Lofton? Lofton has been in as many postseasons as you have?

DEREK JETER: Kenny is getting old. I've had the pleasure of playing with Kenny for a season. He's been playing in the playoffs since I've been in high school.

He's had a lot of success. He's the type of player I think that enjoys the series. He enjoys playing in the big games, and hopefully he's not a factor in this series.

With the number of young kids you have here this time for the playoffs, is this a little different? Can you talk about maybe what these young kids bring to the mix?

DEREK JETER: Yeah. It really makes me think back to when I first came up. It was me Pettitte, Mo, Jorge, and I think Bernie started the trend. Our organization has always been known in the past for trading young players, signing the free agents and not giving young players an opportunity.

We had an opportunity there in the early '90s where they kept us around. Got back to our old philosophy. Now they're letting young players come out. I think it says a lot about our organization. Everyone talks about that team at the Major League level. But done a pretty good job of rebuilding our organization.

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These kids when they get an opportunity to come in here and play they're doing the job. That's first and foremost. You're talking about energy that the players bring, but they're doing their job.

It's fun to see. It's fun to see them get that opportunity.

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