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10/06/07 8:50 AM ET

Postgame interview with Mike Scioscia

Angels' manager comments on Guerrero's injury

Q. How's Guerrero, and what was the philosophy of putting Rivera in on the 1-1 count?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Well, Vlad's a little sore. He got hit up near the shoulder blade, and it got to a point where he was -- it was impacting his swing, and he wasn't really going to be able to put a swing on the ball, and there wasn't much he was going to be able to do. It was even hurting to lift his arm if he had to catch a flyball. I think with Juan, we were looking for a match up all night with him, and I think once we had an opportunity to steal that bag, the count was still reasonable enough that we thought Juan would get some pitches to hit. And I think you've got to keep pressing. We've got to take advantage of every opportunity we have. He kept the inning going, and we ended up on second or third. But couldn't get that hit. It would have been a big hit that inning.

Basically just the story of not being able to cash in on the opportunities?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Early we did a great job of situational hitting to get those three runs on the board. Then their pitching settled down, and we didn't get a lot of good looks at them. We tried to press the action as much as we could. You know, they did a good job. Youkilis made a big play on Figgie which would have been first and third, and just getting an out and having a guy on second. You know, I think both teams played good games. Both staffs pitched well up until late in the game. Those guys got the big hit and we weren't able to do it.

If you could talk about the decision to walk Ortiz in the ninth, and also the situation you find yourself in down 0-2, please?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Well, you really pick your poison. We've talked about this all week. Both those guys are terrific. I just think in that situation and the situation before, we're going to take our chances with some match-ups. It just made sense not to go after David, and it didn't work tonight.

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You've been in situations like that as a catcher that Mathis was in when he went in the stands there. What was your view of that play?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: It was a heck of an effort by Jeff, but when you go in the stands all bets are off. I don't know if he got the ball in his glove. I didn't see a replay. Or if he got it before it hit his glove. But when you're reaching in there, all bets are off. Second part of your question, being down 0-2, naturally, it's not a desirable position. The series is wrapped up until one team wins three games. You try to stay short focused as you can in a series, pitch to pitch, inning to inning, at bat to at bat, and we really have to get into that mode and scratch and claw our way back into the series. It can be done. I think one thing about our club, when we get into our game, we can turn around quickly. We didn't get enough done offensively tonight, but we've had some opportunities and we've seen some good signs. I've seen this team offensively, especially on the offensive side, reel off eight, nine, 10 straight games with manufacturing six, seven, eight runs a game. It can turn in a hurry. And we have to get to that pitch-to-pitch approach and press this team more on the offensive side. We saw a little bit of it tonight, not quite enough. But this can be done. We have to stay short focused and go pitch to pitch, and that's what we're going to do coming out of the next ballgame.

Why were you guys able to have success early off Daisuke? What did you see out of him?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Well, I think from the side and what we had seen on video, there wasn't much difference. The guys in the batter's box said it just took some adjustments to his release point. He has a little of that hesitation, which you have to kind of wait for him to get into his rhythm. You know, he made some good pitches. Settled down and put some zeros up after we got the three runs. But our guys were prepared, and I thought, like we said, I thought they got on quickly and we got some two out hits that helped him that inning.

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