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10/06/07 7:51 PM ET

Napoli, Kendrick off-day interview

Angels players say team isn't looking back, ready for Game 3

First of all, what's the title and artist for the music on your phone there?

MIKE NAPOLI: Oh, I don't even know what song's on there right now. It's probably Shop Boyz.

During the last couple of weeks of the season you kind of lost some offensive momentum as a team. Do you feel like that's carried over in the first couple of games?

MIKE NAPOLI: No, not really. I mean, you take some tough pitches, tough to score runs in the playoffs, but we just gotta keep doing our thing, keep going first and third and doing our hit and runs and staying aggressive. It's just part of what's going on right now and just gotta go out there and do it.

Does the suddenness of last night's loss compiled with the long flight home affect the team and how do you guys recharge, regroup for tomorrow's game?

MIKE NAPOLI: We had a day off today. I mean, last night was a tough loss. We just gotta forget about that. We gotta win three straight and we can't lose anymore.

We've got to get out there tomorrow and get out there and just keep going. Can't really look back into the games, you gotta move forward and just keep going. Down to the third game and we're just going to keep going out there playing baseball.

Mike, has Scioscia indicated to you whether or not you're going to be in the lineup tomorrow? And what does Jered have to do to be successful in Game 3 against the Red Sox?

MIKE NAPOLI: I don't know if I'm in the lineup or not. I won't find out until tomorrow. But we have to go out there and get ahead of the hitters and just pitch down. He throws a lot of strikes, he can locate well. If he can locate all three pitches, he should have a good outing.

What have you seen from Jered this season that would lead you to believe he's ready for this big game in the first playoff start?

MIKE NAPOLI: He'd like to be out there and I have a feeling that he'd like this type of situation. He knows he's good and he knows that he can get the win out there. He's going to go out there and he's going to pitch well and he's going to do what he has to do tomorrow. So we're not too worried about it.

I know it's only your second year up here, did you get any sense on the plane ride here just the emotions of the team coming off a pretty tense time like that?

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HOWIE KENDRICK: I think it's a game. We just have to do the same thing day in, day out. Manny hit a fastball. Got a good bat. You hate to lose those games like that because we always feel like we have a chance. We had a lot of opportunities early in the game as well as they did.

And playing throughout that and then it went on into the later innings like that, and they got a great team just like we've got a great team. I think losses like that, there's no way you can save that. We went out and swung the bat. I think we did well, but in that situation you hate to come up short.

You were one of the guys playing a lot the last week. Do you feel like any sense the team lost the momentum down the stretch there?

HOWIE KENDRICK: I think you had the same thing happen, you win and lose games. We bounced back coming off the All-Star break. We had a little rough start there getting back after the All-Star break. But down the stretch I mean, we lost the game in Texas there. But I don't think it affected us. I think we bounced it back. We have a great team, able to bounce back. Guys injured in and out of the lineup, but I think our bench makes up for a lot. We have a lot of guys that can play every day and we have different guys stepping up and I'm sure we can add anybody up there, say it would be a better lineup.

But I think we can add any guy in there and have a good lineup and win ball games. I think that's what's great about our team. Regardless of whether we lost one game or two games in a row, I feel like we could come in here blazing and even in this series, come back and tie this thing up and then we'd head back to their place.

So we just have to keep playing good baseball and play the same type of baseball we played all year. Hit and run, steal bases, move guys and get guys in scoring position. If we do those things tomorrow and continue to play our game, we'll have a lot of success and I think we can bring this series back.

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