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10/11/07 6:07 PM ET

Pregame interview with Ubaldo Jimenez

Hard-throwing righty gets ready for the Diamondbacks

How has your breathing been?

UBALDO JIMENEZ: It's good. It's perfect right now (smiling) I'm taking my time to breathe, to relax. So right now it's good.

How hard is it for you to imagine, before you started this season, the way your season has gotten, now you're here pitching for a chance in the World Series. Have you taken a moment to sit back and think about that or are you just letting it happen?

UBALDO JIMENEZ: Right now I'm just letting it happen. Probably after everything is over then I'll start thinking about it. But right now just trying to keep focus on what I'm doing right now. So just let it happen.

Is your dad out here today and how many calls have you gotten from people back home during the past week?

UBALDO JIMENEZ: He stayed back in Denver. About the calls, I had like 10 or 11 calls every day.

How old were you when you knew you could throw the ball as hard as you do now? How young were you when you really knew that you could throw this hard?

UBALDO JIMENEZ: I think like -- like my second year in Dominica, I started to throw like 94, and then I went to Casper, and that's when I started to throw really hard, Casper. I was like 18, 19.

The Diamondbacks numbers offensively are not overly impressive; but can you talk about what in their offense can hurt you guys?

UBALDO JIMENEZ: Yeah, that's for sure. Like there's that line is talented.

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There's a lot of guys -- like most of the guys are talented. If you make mistakes, you're going to pay for it.

So they have a little energy, and they're young. And they know like they're here because of a reason, because they're good. If you make a mistake you're going to pay for it.

Being a young team, they are a fastball hitting team and a team that's not very patient. You are a guy who likes to rush it up there with your fastball. How patient are you going to have to be to not give them what they want knowing that's what you want to give them in terms of that fastball?

UBALDO JIMENEZ: From the beginning, I had to like mix all my pitches, just not only throw my fastball, use most of my pitches since the beginning because like I told you, they're very good. If you make a mistake just like trying to throw a fastball, they're going to hit it.

What was the key to your command in your last two starts?

UBALDO JIMENEZ: Just being able to stay back and just focus on the catcher's mitt, just trying to throw the ball low in the strike zone. Don't try to strike everybody out.

Your fastball, how much confidence do you have in your other pitches?

UBALDO JIMENEZ: I feel good with my slide a lot. When I'm far behind the count I use it, 3 2 count. So I feel confident with that.

Who do you consider the toughest out in this Arizona lineup?

UBALDO JIMENEZ: Like I told you, there's, like in that lineup, there's a lot of guys that are really tough to get out. So I'm not going to try to take anything for granted, with those guys. They're pretty good most of the times.

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