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10/12/07 1:14 AM ET

Vanover, Garcia postgame interview

Second base umpire, ML Umpire Association VP adress media

Larry Vanover on the call at second. He cited rule 7.09 (f):

LARRY VANOVER: "You had obvious intent on the part of the runner to break up the double play, and when it turns into intentional, that's when he's out for interference, and then the batter runner is also out for the action of his teammate. "Once he got to the base, I thought he threw his hip up into the guy, and his intent at that point is not to get to the base. His intent is to crash the pivot man, so you've got obvious intent there. "To get real simple with it, is his intent to go to the base and get on the base, or is his intent to crash the pivot man."

Richie Garcia on the delay:

RICHIE GARCIA: "He felt the fans couldn't hear the announcements. I believe there were three or four announcements, and they couldn't hear them. So he took the players off the field. We've got to do something, so we're going to take a shot at it, we're going to bring the players back and we're going to go out on the field and we're going to try to fight this thing." Garcia said no umpires or players were hit with debris.

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