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10/14/07 6:11 PM ET

Westbrook workout day interview

Game 3 starting pitcher talks about facing Boston's hitters

When you look at your start in New York, are there things that you feel are correctable, things that you feel you could be a lot better the next time out?

JAKE WESTBROOK: Yeah, I mean, I didn't feel like I pitched, I mean, all that terrible in New York. I felt like I started out well. I had a pretty good game plan. I think I got into a little bit of a pattern and didn't mix it up as well as I should have. And they made the adjustments, like good hitters do, and got to me there in the fifth. I still was just kind of one pitch away from getting out of that inning, but I made a mistake to Damon that kind of cost us the ballgame.

That's something I'll definitely learn from and try to do a better job tomorrow.

From how you saw Boston's hitters work C.C. and Carmona, what are you expecting tomorrow night?

JAKE WESTBROOK: Well, they did a good job. They had a pretty good game plan against C.C. and Fausto to the point to where they made them work. They had them at 100 pitches before the fifth inning, and they're a really patient team and have a really patient lineup.

I mean, it's my turn to kind of go out there and have a game plan, be aggressive in the zone and do the best I can to get early contact and get them to hit the ball on the ground.

You're getting more rest than usual between these starts. Is that a problem for you as a power sinkerball guy?

JAKE WESTBROOK: Well, I mean, I don't think so. I think, if anything, it makes me stronger. I'm able to be a little more -- be stronger, and I think that's good for me. I don't think it makes a difference.

How did the victory last night change the complexion for you in terms of your mindset going out there with the series even versus 0-2?

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JAKE WESTBROOK: Well, it was a big win for us. To lose the first one and to come up with a big win last night the way we did. To earn a split in their place, it was a big win. It changes it a little bit pitching with the series tied, especially here at home. You know, it takes a little bit more pressure off. But still, a big game nonetheless, and I kind of want to come out strong and have a good performance.

Just to follow up on an earlier question about the strategy going up against that lineup: Your turn now to face Manny, David and Lowell. Your thoughts about going up against them?

JAKE WESTBROOK: Well, I mean, they showed it all series, the types of hitters that they are, that they make you work. You know, they wait for their pitch and they don't miss it when they get it.

I mean, like I said, it's up to me to make them hit my pitch and get ahead, and hopefully I can get some ground balls and early contact. That's kind of what I'm looking for, trying to get deep in the ballgame.

How important was it just to get your first postseason start over with? And do you feel a little more confident, a little more relaxed going into tomorrow?

JAKE WESTBROOK: Well, definitely, having already had one under my belt, especially in Yankee Stadium, it was a lot of emotion, a lot of different feelings that I'm definitely not used to having not pitched in the postseason before. I'm going to be a little more relaxed, but still, amped and ready to go. It's going to be a lot of better pitching here in front of our home fans, and I'm excited and ready to go.

After being a big part of this rotation the last few years, how tough was the first half of the season and how gratifying was it to have the big August and get back to being a part of what's going on?

JAKE WESTBROOK: Oh, first half was frustrating for me, having been strong and healthy the last three years and pitching a lot of innings. It was frustrating to miss that six weeks with kind of a freak accident with my side and to struggle a little bit, as well, when I was pitching.

But it was satisfying to come back strong and have a good August, and pitch in a lot of big ballgames for us in the second half. It makes me feel good to be able to come back and do that.

It looks like Mastny has got these Boston bats figured out, so could you talk about the boost you guys got from seeing some unheralded guys like Jensen and Tom pitching as well as they have?

JAKE WESTBROOK: Well, our bullpen has been great all year. Even when Perez struggled a little bit in that inning and we had guys step up big for us, Jensen pitches two plus innings and Betancourt coming in and doing what he does. But I think Mastny really picked us up going through the heart of that lineup right there in the tenth inning. I mean, really, really gave us a boost. We came out fired up in the top half of that next inning. He did a great job for us stepping up.

Is it exhausting just watching that game? I mean, you're in the dugout probably living and dying with every pitch like everyone else.

JAKE WESTBROOK: Yeah, it was a great ballgame to watch. It was intense, it was back and forth, and it was a long one. It was late, but it was a good ballgame to be a part of, a good ballgame to win. You know, it's back here in front of our home fans, and hopefully we can come out strong.

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