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10/15/07 8:10 PM ET

Webb pregame interview

Pitcher wants another crack at Colorado in a Game 5 start

Did you ever go to Bob in the last 24 hours and say you wanted to pitch tonight the night before?

BRANDON WEBB: I think he knew I would want to pitch and things like that. But we had talked it over. And you know there's just factors that have gone into it that really just make it kind of unnecessary.

For one, I've never done it. I've never done it before. With the innings I've accumulated in the last couple of years, I've been leading the League in the innings, that's another factor. Also my success against these guys. You know, if I was 5-0 against these guys in the regular season it probably would be a little bit more open to going out there and doing it today.

And also we gotta win four more games anyway. Micah is going to have to win a game, every one of our starting pitchers is going to have to win a game. I can't go out there and pitch every game.

Bob got the Sporting News Manager of the Year award today. Can you talk about how he's handled this young team this year, because you've played for him now for a while?

BRANDON WEBB: He's done a great job. It's well deserved to get that. He's done a great job with the young guys. A lot of people kind of counted us out early on where we thought we would have a great team. I think a lot of people kind of counted us out because of the young team we did have. But the things he did and the way he made us work out there, proved the work real well. That's why we're here right now.

You said you felt like you had your good stuff in Game 1 but maybe not your best command. How hard are these last four, five days to sit out on that outing and how much are you looking forward to --

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BRANDON WEBB: It's tough. I told you a couple days ago, I definitely would like to get another crack at 'em. As much trouble as they've given me this year.

So it's been a long four, five days. Hopefully I'll get another crack at 'em in two more days. So it would be nice to go out there and get a win and go out there again in a few more days and hopefully have a little bit different outcome.

When you walked out of here after the last game of the regular season, I'm sure you were thinking about your start against the Cubs that was coming up. Did you have anywhere in the back of your mind, though, the thought that, hey, we might see these guys, the Rockies, again down the road?

BRANDON WEBB: No doubt. No doubt about it. We won the first game, which put us into the playoffs. And all we had to do was win -- we knew -- I knew that all we had to do was win one more and these guys would be out of it. Personally, you know, me not throwing as well as I'd like to against these guys, I was wanting to at least get one more win against these guys and put them away because I know how good of a team they have.

So I was looking for just one win, and we knew what we had to do. But I was pretty much focused on the Cubs game. But it would have been nice to get them out because I know they're playing real strong.

Couple weeks ago in Pittsburgh Bob gave the ball to Micah Owings when the team really needed a win and he produced in a big way. From just a teammate's perspective, your thoughts about Micah Owings going into that must win situation again.

BRANDON WEBB: I think we got all the confidence in the world. I think we've got the best group of pitching in the National League. So every guy we throw out there we have total confidence in. Like you said, the game he pitched in Pittsburgh was huge for us. He went out there and did something that probably not a lot of people had a lot of confidence in him doing, but our team did.

That's how we feel today. He's going to go out there and do his thing and I don't think he gets caught up in all that stuff about the pressure and must wins and all that. He just goes out there and does his thing.

He's a competitor. He's going to go out there. He's going to swing the bat for us as well as pitch. So it's a double edged sword when he's out there.

What's the mood in the clubhouse today? Any different than any other normal day?

BRANDON WEBB: Not really. Seems like any other day, really. We know what we have to do. We're just preparing like any other day.

You are obviously still in it. But Bob was talking earlier about the future of this franchise, with all these young guys. Do you allow yourself to think that and look around and see what you've got?

BRANDON WEBB: I think we have, throughout the course of the year, known who we've got and know what we could have in the future, if we keep the same group of guys. I think we're going to be real strong.

I think a lot of the Western Division has this same kind of makeup. These guys here, the Rockies, have a real young team that are great. The Padres are young and so are the Dodgers. So looking around the Western Division, it's pretty young with a lot of talent.

I think we're excited where we could be in a couple of years.

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