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10/19/07 1:04 AM ET

Beckett postgame interview

Game 5 winning pitcher says the victory was a team effort

What changed for you after that first inning?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't know. You know, I thought I executed my pitches pretty well in the first inning, too. Just unfortunately you give up a bloop hit to a guy that's -- good hitters find ways to get hits, and Grady is definitely one of those guys.

You know, I give up a bloop hit and they manufacture a run. That's part of the deal. It was tough because we came out and scored a run in the first, so I obviously wanted to go out there and shut them down.

With the team facing elimination, how satisfying was it for you to pitch like you did tonight, and how kind of locked in did you feel as the game went on?

JOSH BECKETT: I felt good. Like we always say, it's easy when you've got everything going. Once again, I had great defense and I held them off just long enough for us to put up some runs. It was a team effort. We know what we have to do now: We have to win.

Along those lines, you pitched a big game at Yankee Stadium in '03. You're back here at another visitor's ballpark and you pitched a big game. How hard is that to do in somebody else's ballpark?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't know that it's any more difficult or any easier when you're at home or whatnot. It's just basically comes down to the same thing, no matter what you're playing. If you're playing in the backyard with your buddies, it comes to executing pitches. Some guys make some great plays and score enough runs to win.

Do you feel physically like you could give this team a couple innings if this thing goes to a Game 7 out of the bullpen or whatever?

JOSH BECKETT: We'll delve into that later. Obviously I'm preparing myself for them to ask me that, and as of right now, yeah, I think that would be something I could do.

What happened with you and Kenny? Was it just the flip of the bat that kind of set you off?

JOSH BECKETT: Yeah, it was a lot of stuff. It kind of goes back before today. Those things have a way of working themselves out, though.

From the first time you faced them, did you do anything different tonight, or was it the same game plan, same approach? And were you surprised if it was they didn't make many adjustments?

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JOSH BECKETT: They've got a good lineup. There ain't no way you're going to face somebody seven days after facing them before and not make some adjustments and not give up some runs. I definitely made some adjustments. Jason went along with the game plan and it worked out. They hit some balls at some guys, that's about it.

Were you bothered at all by the fact that they had Danielle Peck sing the national anthem?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't get paid to make those decisions. She's a friend of mine. That doesn't bother me at all. Thanks for flying one of my friends to the game so she could watch it for free (laughter).

How good do you feel having a guy like Schilling on the mound for the next game with all the big games that he's pitched in his career?

JOSH BECKETT: We're excited to get back to Boston. It's going to be a great flight. Better than if we would have went down losing. This is not where we want to be, but obviously we're inching closer to where we want to be. Kind of the motto in the clubhouse right now is, "It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees."

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