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10/19/07 3:17 PM ET

John Farrell workout day interview

Pitching coach confident in Schilling, bullpen

How confident are you that Curt will bounce back from the start he had in Game 2?

JOHN FARRELL: I think we're all very confident that he'll perform tomorrow as he's done really over the last four to six weeks, since returning from the disabled list. I'm sure we all can draw conclusions from how affected he was during his first start in the series, but to me it was a matter of four runs on two pitches: The three run home run by Peralta, the solo home run by Sizemore. Other than that I thought he was very consistent as in previous and most recent outings.

If he should win tomorrow, how do you feel about Daisuke going into Game 7 after the couple outings he's had in the playoffs so far?

JOHN FARRELL: Well, he's a guy that's posted for us from start to finish in terms of being a member of the rotation. We will go in knowing that basically with an attitude that all hands are on deck, but he will certainly get the nod Sunday. And we go in Sunday, provided we get there, as we would tomorrow night, confident that he's going to be able to provide us quality innings to get us hopefully into the sixth, seventh inning. Granted, pitch execution is going to be the key regardless of who's on the mound.

How do you help a couple of guys like Lopez, Gagne, bounce back? They've had some rest now since their outing there in Cleveland, and with the advantage of having such a rested bullpen right now in these do-or-die situations coming up.

JOHN FARRELL: Well, Lopez, Delcarmen, Gagne, as we mentioned, guys that have been contributors to our bullpen during the course of the season, I can tell you that our preparation has been consistent throughout. In situations or in times when they've struggled, they've shown the resiliency that is going to be required particularly over these next two games. We do go in fully healthy, fully rested, so our ability to match up, whether that's in the fifth, seventh or ninth inning exists, but we're facing a very good lineup. I think our relentlessness towards executing pitch to pitch is going to be the key that gets us through what we hope is 18 innings.

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