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10/22/07 5:00 PM ET

Heart of the Order: Garrett Atkins

Rockies third baseman Garrett Atkins is a proud graduate of University High School in Irvine, Calif. Former Expos third baseman Tim Wallach also went there. However, the school is known better for producing comedian Will Ferrell and Rage Against the Machine lead singer Zach de la Rocha.

Once when asked who'd get more reaction, himself or Ferrell, Atkins said, "The reaction would be about the same. ... Nah, he'd be a little bit bigger draw than me."

Heart of the Order
With the World Series approaching, MLB.com explores the people behind the numbers on the NL champion Rockies.

C: Y. Torrealba
1B: T. Helton
2B: K. Matsui
SS: T. Tulowitzki
3B: G. Atkins
LF: M. Holliday
CF: W. Taveras
RF: B. Hawpe
IF: J. Carroll
OF: R. Spilborghs
SP: J. Francis
SP: A. Cook
SP: U. Jimenez
SP: J. Fogg
CL: M. Corpas
RP: B. Fuentes

Atkins' life, however, bears little resemblance to those of Ferrell and de la Rocha. Well, he does perform, but in no way is he outgoing enough for anyone to imagine him with a career on screen or stage. But maybe that's selling him short. He has a dry sense of humor and is a good needler around the clubhouse. Atkins endorses Under Armour performance gear, but was not included in the company's recent baseball commercial. Who knows? A good World Series and a star may be born.

Atkins still lived in the Los Angeles area while developing and establishing himself in the Majors, but he didn't exactly have time for the Hollywood scene. He would drive 30-45 minutes each day from his Irvine home for lengthy workouts at Athletes Performance Institute in Carson, Calif. Agent Jeffrey Blank says Atkins, who went to UCLA, is an avid reader who has made himself quite handy in stocks and investments. Atkins, getting advice from his father, Ron, has done a good job handling his money, which will only grow thanks to the fact that he is eligible for arbitration after the season.

Atkins is single. His big hobby is watching adventures and crime dramas, with 24, Prison Break, CSI and Law & Order popular in his TiVo program.

During the offseason, Atkins participates in a golf tournament and other fund-raising events for UCLA. One of his former teammates is Phillies second baseman Chase Utley. Atkins was best man at Utley's wedding.

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