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10/21/07 12:23 AM ET

Jake Westbrook postgame interview

Indians Game 7 starter hopes to have good gameplan

You've pitched in some pretty big contests over the last few years on some occasions. Can you think of any in particular that can compare to what you'll be facing tomorrow night?

JAKE WESTBROOK: I think each one has been bigger and bigger, like the game with the Yankees was big, and then Game 3 of this series was a little bigger, just because you're getting further and further along in the playoffs. Tomorrow is Game 7, so you can't get much bigger than that.

The first two games I think with the Red Sox were similar to this, at least their offense was going and you were able to stem the tide. It looks like the momentum is big again. They look insurmountable. How are you going to try to stem it?

JAKE WESTBROOK: Well, they do have a very good lineup and it is going to be a challenge for us. I think for me it's just a matter of having a good game plan, sticking with it, making some good pitches when I need to make them and do the best thing I can to do, which is try to keep them off balance, and hopefully I can do that.

How will you sleep tonight? Will you be nervous?

JAKE WESTBROOK: I'll be able to sleep pretty well. It's already late, so I'm pretty tired. I mean, I think I'll sleep pretty well.

What is it about this lineup? Is it the patience? Is it the power? Is it the experience? Is it everything? Is it one or two things striking about it?

JAKE WESTBROOK: Well, it's a complete lineup. They've got a veteran ballclub and very patient hitters, and they make you work. That's my job, to kind of mix it up and do the best I can. It's going to be a challenge, and definitely a lot of emotions. But I'm excited about the opportunity to be the guy on the mound.

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