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10/22/07 5:00 PM ET

Heart of the Order: Ryan Spilborghs

Last week, after the Rockies won Game 3 of the National League Division Series, Ryan Spilborghs grabbed a microphone and did interviews for Fox Sports Net.

Spilborghs loves the spotlight -- especially in the clubhouse. He's known for his goofy outfits and gadgets. One day he had two Robosapians, which are dancing robots, delivered to the clubhouse.

He sported a Mohawk earlier this season, wears bright colors and funky ties and has one outfit that mixes a "funky" green with some purple -- his self-proclaimed watermelon look.

"I like colors that reflect your personality," Spilborghs said. "I don't want to be too boring."

Teammate Cory Sullivan said, "He's like a car wreck. You can't help but look."

Heart of the Order
With the World Series approaching, MLB.com explores the people behind the numbers on the NL champion Rockies.

C: Y. Torrealba
1B: T. Helton
2B: K. Matsui
SS: T. Tulowitzki
3B: G. Atkins
LF: M. Holliday
CF: W. Taveras
RF: B. Hawpe
IF: J. Carroll
OF: R. Spilborghs
SP: J. Francis
SP: A. Cook
SP: U. Jimenez
SP: J. Fogg
CL: M. Corpas
RP: B. Fuentes

Or listen. Spilborghs' colorful quotes make him one of the more popular interviews for the Rockies. He's also popular with teammates, who like to poke fun at Spilborghs for his outfits and comments.

"A lot of it's self-induced," Jeff Baker said. "Spilly just likes to have fun. He does things for a lot of reactions. He has fun with it and keeps everything light. You know it's just Spilly."

Spilborghs has fun off the field supporting a music habit. He plays the guitar -- he was in the jazz band in high school -- and he prefers playing rock and roll. Some of his favorites include Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and Pink Floyd. He's learning to play the piano, which he bought one day at a Wal-Mart in Mexico during winter ball.

Spilborghs is often one who likes to jokingly brag in the clubhouse. One day Spilborghs, who is single, bragged to teammates about his ability to pick up the ladies, saying he had "game." But he's humble about his musical abilities.

"There's got to be somebody better than me," he said. "There has to be somebody that can play an instrument."

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