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10/21/07 6:18 PM ET

Wedge pregame interview

Indians manager says players are focused, ready to compete

What is your bullpen availability tonight? Who is and who isn't available?

ERIC WEDGE: We will have everybody available with the exception of Laffey and Carmona, who obviously both pitched last night.

So with the exception of those two guys, we'll have everybody available.

What's the difficulty level of getting over the past two results?

ERIC WEDGE: Well, I think you just have to just put your entire focus on tonight. It's a one game season. You work so hard all winter long, all spring, to put yourself in a position to win championships and to have an opportunity to do that, and we've got an opportunity to win the pennant tonight.

There's almost a sense of peace with it because you know that tonight, one way or another, it's going to be finished off. Our guys have been great; they've maintained their focus, their heartbeat is good, and I think to a man everybody is looking forward to getting out there tonight.

If anything were to happen with Westbrook where he was out early, first guys out of the bullpen would be?

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ERIC WEDGE: Probably looking at C.C. and Byrd. We'll be looking at those two guys. I'm hoping we don't see them tonight (laughing.) With Jake on the mound, hopefully we'll see a similar performance to what we saw earlier in the series.

When you say it's not who you play, it's not where you play, it's how you play. So theoretically it's as easy to win Game 7 here as at Jacobs Field?

ERIC WEDGE: Yeah, when you talk about Game 7 it says it all. When you talk about motivation, it's everything that's unique. Because the focus is on ourselves and what we do and how we compete, with each other and as a ballclub, that's what we have to do. You keep your head down and you plow, you keep your head down and you keep going. That's what our guys have done a great job doing. Obviously we know where we're at, and we understand, no different than what we're playing at home and our fans are going crazy, the same thing is happening here. But it's still about how we play. If we go out there tonight and Jake gives us a chance to win the ballgame and we play good baseball, we're going to give ourselves every opportunity to win.

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