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10/22/07 12:00 PM ET

Fans can be immersed in Fall Classic

Experience it all with the MLB.com World Series Package

The 103rd World Series.

The first MLB.com World Series Package.

Tradition meets technology.

For only $4.95 -- about the cost of a Blake Street Burrito at Coors Field or a Fenway sausage on Yawkey Way -- you can subscribe now and be fully prepared for Wednesday's opener between the Rockies and Red Sox in Boston.

The MLB.com World Series Package is being introduced as the perfect complement to the live FOX telecasts of this Fall Classic. It has never been possible to be quite this immersed in the greatest sports event of them all. Here's what you'll get:

Live MLB.com Gameday Audio throughout the series: Many fans will want to hear Jeff Kingery and Jack Corrigan with the Rockies Radio Network on KOA, or Tony Guevara, the Spanish Voice of the Rockies, on JOSE 1090AM. People in Red Sox Nation will want to hear Joe Castigliano's familiar play-by-play delivery, the same one that connects them to passionate memories of the game. Even if you experience just one of these upcoming World Series games with the live Gameday Audio feed over your computer, it will be well worth the small investment.

On-demand access to full-game broadcasts: Watch any archived game from this World Series, from this entire postseason, from this entire magical baseball season. Sign up right now, and you can immediately relive that historic day when Frank Thomas smashed his 500th homer and Craig Biggio banged five hits, including his 3,000th. Experience the high-tech thrill of clickable linescores. After Game 1, click on any half-inning and see the TV broadcast of that specific action over your computer. Catch a foul ball this season? Find yourself now, and show others.

MLB.com Mobile Alerts: If you order the playoff alerts service by itself, it's only $3.99. But if you order the MLB.com World Series Package, it comes included. Customize which players you want to track in this series, and you can get immediate text alerts, including lead changes from the seventh inning on, final scores, breaking news and home runs. Standard text-messaging rates may apply.

MLB.com Shop discount: This might even be the greatest reason of all for the MLB.com World Series Package. In one more month, the MLB.com Shop will become the primary destination for most fans coming here, all looking for the perfect holiday gifts. Why wait? Sign up now, and you will receive a 15-percent discount on your checkout at the MLB.com Shop. Have you seen this brand new Canvas Mega Ticket to turn your prized game ticket into cutting-edge wall art? It's $99.99 a pop, and you can immediately slash $15 off that cost by getting the package.

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Those are the benefits of the MLB.com World Series Package, and they will allow you to experience this Rockies-Red Sox series in fuller detail and pleasure than in any previous Fall Classic. Just imagine if this were available when the Dodgers finally beat the Yankees in the 1955 World Series. A fan would have wanted to watch every game on the computer the next day at work, because it had to be seen to be believed. Actually, on second thought, it is completely impossible to imagine it. It is just a different place in time; you are at the confluence of tradition and tech breakthroughs.

Here are some of the other ways you can get the most out of the remaining days in this spectacular 2007 postseason:

MLB.com/Downloads: It is now possible for you to download any World Series game right to your hard drive after the game has been played. Then it's yours for keeps. Start right now by ordering Game 7 of the American League Championship Series, and you'll have the link within 24 hours for the download, or the Game 4 clincher in the National League Championship Series. Order select games from this past season and postseason, including those magical milestones. Or go old-school and get those classic broadcasts you've only seen in other people's highlights. It's what you've been waiting for, and they're only $1.99 a pop.

MLB.com Gameday Audio on your phone: Let's say you have to make a run to the convenience store in the fifth inning. You can just take the game with you. Or listen while you work, as many other MLB.com users do. Like Robert Wiggins of El Cajon, Calif., who said in an e-mail about using this capability: "I no longer have to wait to go home and watch the highlights because I can listen to the entire game via mobile phone."

MLB.com Gameday: This is now the time-honored companion no matter how you watch or listen to the actual live footage. Maybe you've used it to see how Matt Holliday has been pitched during this Rockies run, or maybe it's how you tracked every pitch earlier in the ALCS from Rafael Betancourt to Kevin Youkilis. You're just used to it, and it keeps getting more robust. You want even more than what you'll see on TV. Go to Gameday and track the Pitch-fx as well as speed and break to get a true sense of the pitch sequence. This technology requires a lot more explaining than there is space for here, but it's the result of triangulation with cameras set up by MLB.com at each ballpark; radar guns are out, and this is the way in. See the live box score and keep track of all the play-by-play by clicking on previous innings. Simply a must.

MLB.com Chat: It's a peer-to-peer postseason. Rockies and Red Sox fans will be going head to head in that state-of-the-art chat environment, and you just know that some Yankees fans are going to pop in and stir things up. Fans from all around the globe and representing all teams can be found, so everyone can find something in common with others. It's your own place for instant analysis, and so is an MLBlog of your own. During a record attendance season in baseball, you are always a crucial part of the action.

The 103rd World Series is now all set. The first MLB.com World Series Package is here to let you appreciate it even more.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.