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10/24/07 12:00 PM ET

Go deeper pre- and postgame online

MLB.com offering unprecedented on-demand Series access

It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.
-- Hall of Fame manager Earl Weaver

Maybe you already know it all.

It's possible that you know which team will win the 103rd World Series, how many games it will last, which player will record the final putout or hit the Maz-like walk-off homer, how many Jacoby Ellsbury No. 46 jerseys will be purchased this week in Red Sox Nation, how many times Matt Holliday will knock the cover off a ball, and whether this will go down as one of the best Fall Classics ever.

Just be sure to watch all of the unprecedented live and on-demand video programming from MLB.com starting all day Wednesday and leading up to Game 1 between the Rockies and Red Sox at Fenway Park. You probably will learn more than you expected, and at some point in this Fall Classic you will realize how much it counts.

In addition to the programming below, MLB.com and FOX will partner to co-produce live pre- and postgame shows from the ballpark. The webcasts will include game highlights, player interviews and analysis, and will be available by visiting either FOXSports.com on MSN or MLB.com.

Live news conferences. Every World Series press conference featuring the managers, starting pitchers and key players from each team as well as special news conferences announcing the recipients of the Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente awards will be available live and on-demand.

Leading off. Live from MLB.com's New York studios, Seth Everett will kick off the daily coverage from 1-3:30 p.m. ET with an early look at the day's World Series game, including live reports from the ballpark.

MLB.com Live Pregame Show. Former Major Leaguers Harold Reynolds, Jim Leyritz, John Marzano, Brian McRae and Billy Sample will join MLB.com hosts Casey Stern and Vinny Micucci for an exclusive three-hour pregame show live from the World Series beginning at 3:30 p.m. ET. The show will provide expert analysis and on-field interviews leading up to each game of the Fall Classic. Major Leaguer Jerry Hairston Jr. also will join the broadcast team as a guest analyst.

Those are some of the ways you can learn after you know it all.

Here are more of the ways you can maximize your absolute enjoyment of the World Series as the totally immersed fan:

Watch live on FOX. For the 12th consecutive season, FOX is broadcasting the playoffs. That means you can sit back and relax as the play-by-play team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver guides you through the action on the field, with help from in-game reporter Ken Rosenthal. Jeanne Zelasko and Kevin Kennedy anchor the pre- and postgame coverage on FOX, where they're joined in the studio by analysts Joe Girardi, Mark Grace and Eric Karros. FOX is the place to watch it unfold before your eyes, unless maybe you won one of those constant MLB.com sweepstakes this season that gave away some sweet World Series tickets.

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MLB.com World Series Package. It's available right now for only $4.95, and that's good through the clinching ceremonies. Benefits include: live MLB.com Gameday Audio radio broadcasts over your computer; on-demand access of every game after it has been played, with full-game broadcasts that are searchable by clickable linescore; text alerts from MLB.com Mobile, with lead changes from the seventh inning on, homers, breaking news and more; and a 15-percent discount on your checkout at the MLB.com Shop (hint: start your holiday shopping now that you have this and save big).

MLB.com Downloads. It is now possible for you to download any World Series game right to your hard drive after the game has been played. Then it's yours for keeps. Start right now by ordering Game 1, and you'll have the link within 24 hours for the download. Order from select games from this past season and postseason, including those magical milestones. Or go old-school and get those classic broadcasts you've only seen in other people's highlights. It's what you've been waiting for, and they're only $1.99 a pop.

MLB.com Gameday Audio on your phone. Let's say you have to make a run to the convenience store in the fifth inning. You can just take the game with you. Or listen while you work, as many other MLB.com users do. Like Robert Wiggins of El Cajon, Calif., who said in an e-mail about using this capability: "I no longer have to wait to go home and watch the highlights because I can listen to the entire game via mobile phone."

MLB.com Gameday. This is now the time-honored companion no matter how you watch or listen to the actual live footage. Maybe you've used it to see how Holliday has been pitched during this Rockies run, or maybe it's how you tracked J.D. Drew's clutch grand-slam at-bat in Game 6 of the ALCS. You're just used to it, and it keeps getting more robust. You want even more than what you'll see on TV. Go to Gameday and track the Pitch-fx as well as speed and break to get a true sense of the pitch sequence. This technology requires a lot more explaining than there is space for here, but it's the result of triangulation with cameras set up by MLB.com at each ballpark; radar guns are out, and this is the way in. See the live box score and keep track of all the play-by-play by clicking on previous innings. Simply a must.

MLB.com Chat. It's a peer-to-peer postseason. Rockies and Red Sox fans will be going head to head in that state-of-the art chat environment, and you just know that some Yankees fans are going to pop in and stir things up. Fans from all around the globe and representing all teams can be found, so everyone can find something in common with others. It's your own place for instant analysis, and so is an MLBlog of your own. During a record attendance season in baseball, you are always a crucial part of the action.

WorldSeries.com. And all of that, of course, is just a start. Go to the official World Series site, and you can find the most comprehensive, around-the-clock coverage of the Fall Classic. MLB Advanced Media is blanketing the Series with a massive contingent of journalists and tech producers, and all of those stories can be yours to go read -- or get the RSS feeds and have them brought to you. If you want all the stats and multimedia, schedules and scores, this is where to find it.

Earl Weaver always said what he thought, especially to umpires. What he said about learning makes perfect sense. Watch MLB.com live on location. This Fall Classic will be even more fun and educational than ever.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.