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10/24/07 6:10 PM ET

Pregame interview with Ubaldo Jimenez

Pitcher doesn't feel pressure, excited to pitch at Fenway

How important has Torrealba been to you in your development as a Major League pitcher?

UBALDO JIMENEZ:I mean, he's the biggest key for our success, for every pitcher, because he's like the guy. He'll tell you everything that you have to do. He helps a lot.

First impressions of Fenway Park? What do you think of it?

UBALDO JIMENEZ:I mean, I've never pitched here before. I just heard it's fun to pitch, so I don't feel any pressure. I'm just really excited about it.

Can you tell me your first World Series memory, the first pitcher that stands out in your mind, and where you were and what you thought?

UBALDO JIMENEZ:For me it's like Pedro Martinez, he's my big hero. I remember him winning his game against the Yankees. Pedro Martinez.

What do you know about Curt Schilling, and what do you admire about him?

UBALDO JIMENEZ:I know like he's one of the best pitchers ever in the history, like one of the best pitchers in the playoffs and the postseason, so I admire him. He has the confidence just to go out there and compete. He's not scared of anybody. I like him.

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Are you looking forward to facing Ortiz and Ramirez, that challenge?

UBALDO JIMENEZ:(Laughing.) I mean, I know it has to come, so I just let it come. I'm not worried about it. I'm just going to go out there and just face everybody like it's the same, just throw strikes and go after them.

What was your impression of the Green Monster? Was it taller than you thought it would be or bigger? What did you think of it?

UBALDO JIMENEZ:It's so nice to be here because there's a lot of history here in this stadium. It's just nice. Like when we came here yesterday, the first thing I did was go out there and just go, wow, it's amazing. Just imagine it like being full of people out there. It's nice.

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