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10/26/07 1:20 AM ET

Postgame interview with Jason Varitek

Catcher says Schilling has tremendous impact on Sox pitchers

Can you talk about last night it was the offense, and Josh, tonight it was really the bullpen that came through and the two young kids that really delivered in the clutch. Just how gratifying is it to have them there when you need them?

JASON VARITEK: I think Curt set that tone, though, first. Give a lot of credit to Curt. It's an exclusive offense that with a one-run lead early we were able to hold them at bay. We had to scrape and claw to get some runs, and then got to Oke and couldn't ask any more out of Oke, he threw the ball extremely well. And then turned the ball over to Pap and he was able to do the same thing.

Curt was talking about what might have been going on there in the pick off. Can you tell us what you were thinking or what was kind of that play?

JASON VARITEK: I don't want to divulge too much, but it -- it was a throw over sign. Matt can get some bags. He's like 11-for-15. Millsy did a great job right there and read the situation right and got us an easy out.

Obviously a lot has been said about the way you handle a pitching staff, but how much of an impact does Curt have on the other pitchers would you say?

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JASON VARITEK: Well, I think it's tremendous having Curt here in development of pitchers and understanding that you can eliminate some little things but understanding what's going on beforehand. You can eliminate some gray area. Curt is tremendous at doing that and tremendous at trying to communicate that to his teammates, and that's one thing that happens -- and a lot of things happen, but that's one thing to his credit, he does do a lot behind the scenes.

Can you talk about going to Denver up 2-0?

JASON VARITEK: We have to approach things the same way as we have, and we have to go out there and try and out play them.

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