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10/28/07 1:12 AM ET

Postgame interview with Ellsbury

Rookie says he was comfortable, aggressive in the zone

Can you talk about the job that you and Dustin did at the top of the order to set the table? And really it seemed just to get you guys going all night long on offense?

JACOBY ELLSBURY: The thing is with our lineup I feel like I just have to get on base, and with Dustin behind me, he's been playing so great. He's going to do the job, he's going to move runners, and with David and Manny behind, and Mike Lowell as well, you've got to like your chances when you get on.

Just a follow up to that, what kind of pressure did it put on Colorado to have you guys always on base, and now you've got to pitch to Papi and Manny and the rest?

JACOBY ELLSBURY: You know, the thing is we've been having such great ABs as a team, the whole lineup, when we get on base, guys have been clutch throughout the lineup, and with Dustin and I getting on, Manny and David, they're going to get the job done.

What's life like being Jacoby Ellsbury having been dropped into this situation from starting in Portland, Pawtucket? What's life like in Boston being Jacoby Ellsbury right now?

JACOBY ELLSBURY: You know, it's great right now. I'm enjoying it, but at the same time I really haven't had too much time to sit back and think about too much.

We're preparing every day, and even the games that we aren't playing, you know, I'm just mentally getting ready for the next game.

There were a lot of real close calls in this game on both sides. You had one of them. That ball drops in there. Could you talk about the approach you take in that at-bat and actually pulling that ball? And also, did you think it was going to drop? Did you think you had a play on it? How do you kind of see that whole thing as it happens?

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JACOBY ELLSBURY: With my first three at-bats I was staying inside and going the other way, and I figured that they would be coming in in that situation. You know, fortunately I got out in front of the ball and it fell down the right field line. But with the angle and how the ball was coming down, I knew it would be close.

First of all, you're in as good a situation as you can be in without winning a series. How confident is this team now up 3-0?

JACOBY ELLSBURY: We're very confident, but at the same time we know Colorado is a great ballclub, and it's going to be a tough one to get the last one.

Did you feel this team, though, is I guess in the driver's seat?

JACOBY ELLSBURY: You know, you could say that. You're in as good a situation as you could be in, up 3-0. But Colorado is a great ballclub, and they're going to compete just like you saw tonight. There's no quit in them, and it's going to be tough to get that fourth one.

You're not going to declare victory yet?

JACOBY ELLSBURY: No, definitely not.

A couple months ago you were in Portland. Have you had time to stop and reflect and say, man, this is the World Series and I'm here yet?

JACOBY ELLSBURY: Really not. When I was in Double-A I was just trying to get to Triple-A. When I was in Triple-A I was just trying to get a September callup or something.

When I got the news that I was going to be put in the playoff roster, that was huge. I'm happy that the Red Sox have had the confidence in me to put me out there and put me in the lineup.

What was it about tonight that allowed you to have so much success? Was it moving to the top of the order or the thin air here in Colorado or the pitchers you faced?

JACOBY ELLSBURY: You know, I think the biggest thing, in the first two games I was getting down real quick and I was having to battle back. Tonight I just relaxed a little bit, went in the cage, you know, and just tried to do what got me here, and that's be aggressive in the strike zone. You know, I felt a lot more comfortable tonight, and fortunately the balls fell for me.

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