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03/28/08 4:04 AM ET

MLB.com Video Search has arrived

You know how to find Mariah Carey's new video. You know how to find Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, Nelly and Fergie, Sneezing Baby Panda, Dramatic Chipmunk, all the "Family Guy" episodes and even your own stuff.

Now a way of life is even more interesting.

MLB.com Video Search has arrived.

This Opening Day brings a new opportunity to go after what you want and get it, and oh if that only could include the intention of a World Series trophy. We are talking about beautiful, high-quality, unforgettable video of your favorite Major League Baseball players and whatever search criteria your heart desires for MLB video.

Let's face it -- there's a lot of viral video out there, and in terms of quality, a whole lot of it is about 85 levels under A-ball. At MLB.com, you know you are going to find video shot by the absolute all-stars of ballpark camera operators. It is edited by multimedia professionals, and it is tagged with words that truly deliver results.

Aside from all the great search features/functionality, the biggest change in user experience is going to be the quality of the video clips. The video is going to be larger (512x288) and the bit rate is going to be twice that of what we presented last year. So the first thing you will notice about the search page is a little showing off.

Hey, Manny can do it.

Say you just want to see "walk-off homers" at some point this season. Search for that, and MLB.com Video Search will return a list of such heroics from this season. As the season goes on, the database library will grow and grow, making this a fixture in your online baseball experience. Just want to see Derek Jeter or Roy Oswalt clips? Search for what you want, and it will be even better than Sneezing Baby Panda.

Multimedia editors here will tag all clips, and those will be visible to the side of the video player. There always will be many ways for you to explore baseball videos that are of special interest to you, and one of those also is by clicking on Featured Videos. Those are selected by MLB.com editors, a collection of must-see clips. You can just sit there and watch them one after another if you'd like.

The tab next to Featured Videos is Search Results. So one way to get the videos you want is through what editors think you might like, and the other is through what the search engine thinks you should get.

This will change the overall experience of clicking through the content promoted on the MLB.com homepage and each MLB team homepage. Let's say there is a link out there watch a big strikeout game by Mets newcomer Johan Santana. It would take you to a Video Search results page that showcases his big game in the player, and right there you would find related tags as well as thumbs of other recent Santana videos.

Not Carlos Santana. You have to go back to youtube for those. And for Dramatic Chipmunk. But you want real drama? It's captured at MLB.com through video you can find. And, by the way, game footage that is legal. Any other televised MLB game action out there around the Internet is going to be flagged/removed sooner or later.

More cool features will be added progressively to MLB.com Video Search this season. There will be ongoing fine-tuning, so that the results are the most relevant to what you seek. Start searching. This season you will get results.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.