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08/12/08 6:48 PM ET

Imagine: Phelps takes over Olympics

Swimmer would give teams even more flexibility on field

One World One Dream

BEIJING -- Michael Phelps, continuing in his bid to win every gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics, has just been named the starting pitcher for the United States baseball team at 6 p.m. local time on Wednesday against Korea.

He also will manage the team and will decide whether to put himself on second base with no outs in the 11th inning, should the new extra innings rule be required.

He will hit safely in every at-bat, setting an Olympic and world record for most consecutive home runs in at-bats with 36 -- four in each game.

He will walk next door during a seventh-inning stretch and go into the Wukesong Indoor Stadium and hit a buzzer-beater to win a crucial basketball game, and he will do a victory lap around the arena with Yao Ming on his shoulders.

One World One Dream

He will reveal publicly that it was really he who ran sideways around the ceiling ring of the Bird's Nest to light the torch at the Opening Ceremony.

He will sit between Davey Johnson and Reggie Smith in the U.S. team's dugout and suddenly, out of the blue, ask them if they realized that both of them had exactly 73 at-bats in four World Series appearances when they were players.

He will show China pitchers how to challenge hitters, he will hit a frozen rope off Pedro Luis Lazo right through the box, he will go up and over the fence to bring back a home run from Seungyuop Lee, he will turn an unassisted triple play while eating scorpion and he will drive the buses back to the Village.

He will announce that baseball and softball are going to be played at the 2012 Olympics in London and that their removal was just a typo.

One World One Dream

He will go to the Silk Market before one game and barter with a merchant to get a perfectly tailored suit for zero yuan. The merchant will try once more at 700 yuan, but Phelps will say, "Zero!" and the merchant will give in.

He will drag the infield between innings in one of those staggered groundskeeper lines, always making sure he is in the lead, and then, when rain threatens, he will do that thing he does to make the clouds just go away.

He will personally say "Ni Hao" to each of the 100,000 volunteers who are omnipresent in Beijing this fortnight, and he will go home with each of them to make their families kung pao like they've never had before.

He will move successfully move Dexter Fowler from first to third on a hit-and-run, and then he will score from first on a passed ball.

One World One Dream

He will stand sideways completely without emotion, just like a 10-meter pistol participant, as Yu Darvish of Japan zooms some see-me-at-Fenway heat right past his chin.

He will reveal publicly that it was really he who played each of the Fou Formation drums to begin the Opening Ceremony, and not actually 2,008 different people.

He will swim some more events and win some more gold.

He will sit behind the counter at the Post Office right inside the massive Main Press Center at the Olympic Green and postmark everyone's postcard that they are sending back to their homelands to prove they were at the Phelps Games.

One World One Dream

Michael Phelps, continuing in his bid to win every gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics, will lift the U.S. with his walkoff salami and have yet another gold medal placed around his neck at Wukesong Stadium.

He then will return to the U.S. and rejoin a Major League Baseball organization, immediately be called up, and then lead that parent team to the World Series title and be named the MVP of Game 7.

It's time for baseball at the Olympics. It's time to dream.

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