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09/19/08 7:27 PM ET

Oh Bay-bee: Left fielder returns to Sox

After birth of daughter, Bay back with club to take on Toronto

TORONTO -- Jason Bay's whirlwind few days returned to normalcy on Friday, when the proud father of newborn daughter, Evelyn Jane, was back in the Red Sox's batting order, batting sixth and playing left field.

Bay left the Red Sox in a rush on Tuesday, making what he thought would be a fruitless race to witness the birth of his second daughter. After all, Tampa isn't the most advantageous place to be when your wife is in the middle of labor in Boston.

As it turns out, Kristen Bay held off for just long enough, and Jason Bay arrived at the hospital 45 minutes before the birth.

And thanks to his mother-in-law, he was even rested by the time he got to Toronto on Friday.

"I caught up last night," said Bay. "My mother-in-law was in town, we got to go back [home] yesterday and I got a good night's sleep. The fold-out chair I was on the first two nights [at the hospital] wasn't the most comfortable place in the world."

In the end, it was a rewarding experience for Bay, who kept close tabs on his team through disappointing results of the final two games against the Rays.

"I got there at 6 o'clock -- she was [born] at 6:47 -- so any time you have a child it's exciting, but to go all the way and just miss it would have been heartbreaking," said Bay. "To get there and go through it all was great, and I still got to watch the second half of the ballgame. That was by my wife's choice, too. It wasn't just me. She wanted to see it, too."

At a time where Mike Lowell and J.D. Drew are both out of the lineup with injuries, Bay's return was welcomed.

"It's a lot easier to be there playing those games, win or lose, then it is to sit there and watch, that's for sure," said Bay.

Since being traded to the Red Sox for Manny Ramirez, Bay is hitting .300 with eight homers and 34 RBIs.

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