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09/24/08 8:36 PM ET

Reflections on a diverse MLB internship

Hard work, but lots of reward in stay in Commissioner's Office

Similar to many avid baseball fans, my portrayal of the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball has long been a dark place where the disobedient are sent to be reprimanded. Upon receiving the news of my internship, I recognized I was fortunate but still had my uncertainties. As I commuted to the Office of the Commissioner on my first day as an intern, I noticed several All-Star Game advertisements; I instantly recognized how lucky I was, and put aside my qualms.

Upon my arrival at the Office of the Commissioner, I understood that my Diverse Business Partners (DBP) internship would be challenging. I was informed that I would be assisting with planning a DBP All-Star Game party, be responsible for regularly updating the DBP website with articles, and assisting with preparation of financial reports for an owners meeting.

Although I was given demanding projects, I was also able to appreciate my experience from a fan's perspective. Volunteering at DHL Fan Fest, standing on field at Yankee Stadium, and coming into contact with Hall of Famer Juan Marichal were some of the highlights of my intern experience.

As my internship progressed, I learned why Major League Baseball is such a successful organization. The people who work for Baseball at every level have a winning spirit. Baseball is enjoyable to millions of fans because of the hard work that is put in by individuals who work for the League on many different ranks.

Overall, my experience at Major League Baseball offered me insight to the game from individuals who were available to provide guidance from many different angles on the different opportunities available within the sports industry.

Josephine Martinez is a student at Le Moyne College and an MLB Diverse Business Partners intern. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.