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10/01/08 12:08 PM ET

Brett Myers pregame interview

Phillies pitcher talks about facing Milwaukee

Dubee said the other day that he thought your last two starts, which you've obviously struggled, more of an arm angle situation, what do you think the problem has been?

BRETT MYERS: Maybe tiredness a little bit. I wasn't getting on top of the ball. I took a couple of days off from throwing. Yesterday's bullpen was definitely a lot better. The angle was back. So I feel a lot stronger than I did than the past couple of starts.

How important is it to make the start at home knowing your numbers at home this year compared to the splits on the road, what does that mean for you?

BRETT MYERS: I don't even know what my numbers are. But I like pitching at home in front of the home crowd. Pitching on the road's, you know, not that difficult, but definitely pitching at home is a lot more fun to have your home crowd behind you and being able to go out there and perform in front of them.

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Brett, I know that you only face CC a couple of times in the box, but he's the story in the National League, as far as the trade goes and things like that. When you enter tomorrow's game, how much will he be in your mind?

BRETT MYERS: I'm not facing him. The hitters have to face them. I have to face the Brewers lineup. That's the number one goal for me is to get their hitters out and try to keep the game close so that we can get some runs and hopefully win it.

You talked about how you're a little bit tired the last couple of starts. Can you give a sense, while you're warming up do you get a sense of that early in the game? Can you tell at that stage I don't really have it, I'm going to have to work hard?

BRETT MYERS: Yeah, but sometimes the problem is it's hard to back off, especially in big games, big situations. It's kind of hard to back off and you overdo it and the ball gets up in the zone and the ball is flat and you get hit. What happened the last two games for me.

I was going to ask you, the two hitter you were able to throw against the Brew Crew in September, what do you think you'll take from that appearance and what you're able to do then and maybe apply tomorrow?

BRETT MYERS: Absolutely nothing. Because it's the playoffs. I mean, it's different. It's a totally different atmosphere. Our fans were out for that game and everything. But this is the playoffs. And it's a little different because guys are going to step up a little bit more than they have in the past.

And we did beat them three games in a row before I started and they might have been a little down. But now they're in the playoffs and everybody is going to be up for this. So it's definitely going to be fun to be a part of it.

But I definitely probably won't take anything from that.

You guys were here last year, but this is essentially a new experience for you. Are you looking forward to it, and what do you envision it being like tomorrow? You said the playoffs are different. What do you envision it being like?

BRETT MYERS: Well, I got to pitch an inning in the third last year out of the bullpen but it was never in like a key situation. I mean, it was a key situation because it was the playoffs, but it wasn't really like a save situation type of thing.

But it was fun to be a part of it. But I wish we were on the other end of it. But this year it's more in my hands and the starters' hands to get us a lead so we can get to Lidge and give him that opportunity. Last year I didn't have that opportunity to go out there and try to actually take control of a game because I was in the back end of the bullpen. So this year is going to be a little bit different. So going to rely a lot on me to give us some good solid innings, go deep in the game and get the ball to Lidge.

Who was the biggest challenge in their lineup?

BRETT MYERS: Well, they're all Major League players. They're all good hitters. They're all good young hitters, too. So you have to pick your poison who you want to face in certain situations. Hardy is definitely a good hitter. Fielder, Braun. They're all right there in the middle of that lineup. Hart.

They wouldn't be in that situation if they couldn't hit, and they definitely made it to the playoffs with those guys and behind C.C. So it's going to be fun. A good challenge. And hopefully we can come out victorious.

How much have you grown this season as a person?

BRETT MYERS: I'm still six four. (Laughter) maybe my weight has fluctuated.

I mean like with everything you've gone through, the ups and downs and all that?

BRETT MYERS: Well, I struggled, but that's the time to put that all behind me. It's in the past. It's a new season now. It's time to start over. All that stuff won't even be looked at if we go and win this whole thing and everybody performs well.

No matter what happens today, tomorrow's game you kind of swing the balance of the series one way or the other. Are you excited that Charlie did give you the opportunity to pitch Game 2 as opposed to Game 3.

BRETT MYERS: I just wanted the opportunity to pitch. It didn't matter if it was 2 or 3. Putting the two lefties back to back I guess didn't make sense to them. But it's fine for whatever spot they want me to throw in, I'll throw in it and that's the way I've always been and I just welcome any challenge they want to throw at me and I'll do it.

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