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10/02/08 11:45 PM ET

Myers walks for his own cause

Credit Phillies pitcher Brett Myers for helping drive CC Sabathia from Thursday night's start after 3 2/3 innings. Myers alone accounted for 19 of Sabathia's 98 pitches in his two at-bats against the Brewers' left-hander. In each instance, Myers fell behind 0-2 in the count before either fouling off pitches or not swinging at offerings out of the strike zone.

In the second, Myers drew a two-out, nine-pitch walk. That was followed by another free pass to Jimmy Rollins, leading to Shane Victorino's grand slam. Had Myers not reached base, Victorino wouldn't have hit in that inning. With one out in the fourth, Myers saw 10 pitches before flying out to center field. Sabathia proceeded to load the bases before he was pulled. For good measure, Myers singled in the fifth off Seth McClung.

Myers' at-bats vs. CC
Second inningFourth inning
1. Swinging strike1. Called strike
2. Swinging strike2. Called strike
3. Ball3. Ball
4. Foul ball4. Foul ball
5. Ball in dirt5. Foul ball
6. Foul ball6. Ball
7. Ball in dirt7. Foul ball
8. Foul ball8. Foul ball
9. Ball four9. Ball
10. Flyout to center

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